Daring to go bold with your interiors is huge right now, and while it’s fun to be slightly eccentric with décor, sometimes it’s great to opt for a simple and timeless look which exudes a homely and calm feel to truly unwind.

Whether you’re feeling the pressures of work or you’ve been stuck in traffic for hours, your home should be a place to relax and shut yourself away from the world, after all, creating a peaceful and comfortable space is key for maintaining your sanity!

Our Urban Cabin collection was curated with this in mind; think clean and contemporary but with comfort at its heart, it’s a laid back look that features cool colours, modern materials and a fusion of textures.

White walls and rustic wooden floors add to the effect and are perfectly complemented by accessories in a range of blue hues and cool creams. Simply create a coastal vibe which brings with it connotations of relaxation and most importantly, peace and quiet!

Natural Neutrals

The bedroom is the perfect place to bring this style to life. As the space to recharge your batteries and recuperate, it’s important to have a feeling of tranquillity.

Our Fontaine Bedframe is a great centrepiece; its wooden legs and cool fabric give this piece a sleek appearance, but style doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on comfort – the frame’s soft, button back headboard offers solid support and is the perfect piece to provide a good night’s sleep.

The Willersey Range of cabinetry complements the bedframe beautifully and sits perfectly in this look. Its elegant painted finish and metal handles will add a luxurious hint to the room’s coastal feel.

Due to the colour tones of Urban Cabin, it’s important to cleverly accessorise the space, ensuring that your scheme doesn’t feel too ‘cold’. Our contemporary Matt White Metal and Wood Pendant reflects light which will help to brighten up the room, and its wood accents inject a warm and homely touch.

Matt White Metal and Wood Pendant

Cosy textiles are also vital for bringing an element of warmth. This Tribeca Blue Blanket is ideal for softening the look, and wonderful for snuggling in when it’s feeling a bit chilly.

Tribeca Blue Blanket

Our Urchin Knitted Pouffe is also brilliant for this; it adds a softness to the room but is also handy if you need a spare seat when guests arrive unexpectedly.

Urchin Knitted Pouffe

Finally, art is important for bringing this look together. With its subtle colours and coastal scene, our Breaking Waves Canvas is great for an Urban Cabin home.

Crashing Waves Canvas wall art