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The UK’s Dream Home, as Designed By AI

Words by Emma Hughes

November 07, 2023



The UK’s Dream Home, as Designed By AI

If you could have any home in the UK with no restriction to budget or imagination, what would it look like? What area of the UK would you like to live in, and what size would the house be?

Would your dream interior be filled with bold colours and prints, or soft pastels? Do you dream of a maximalist-style living room with a little farmhouse chic in the kitchen and a bohemian bedroom? Or maybe your fantasy is keeping things clean and minimalist throughout?

We wanted to explore what the UK’s dream home looked like, so we surveyed 2,000 Brits for their answers and then used the top results with an AI tool to visualise the UK’s dream home.

In the world of interior design, AI and other technology tools are nothing new. Designers have been digitally creating images of interior and exterior spaces using Computer-Generated Images (CGI) for a long time. This technology has revolutionised the industry over the years and these tools have become incredibly valuable for architects, interior designers and property developers.

Now that AI-powered interior design tools are more advanced, people outside of the industry can also envision their perfect spaces through the eyes of this technology. It is becoming more possible for AI to help us create the dream homes of the future.

Read on to find out if your taste matches the nation and if you’d want to live in the UK’s dream home.


The UK’s dream home, as designed by AI.

Survey says...

From our survey, we discovered that Brits are pining for a four-bed, detached home, with a modern contemporary style and a kitchen island.

Fill this space with your favourite things and family (52% said that family would be the first to be invited round a new home) and there’s no arguing that those elements are a great foundation for a dream home.

The UK’s dream kitchen, as designed by AI.

Quebec Counter Stool
Antique Brass and Lustre Glass Pendant
Potted Tillandsia
Rivington Counter Stool

Structural style 

A detached property was the most popular choice for those who responded – 31% said that detached would be their dream home style over other options such as terraced properties, farmhouses, and even mansions. 55- to 64-year-old respondents were most likely to opt for this style of property (39%) compared to 18- to 24-year-olds (15%).

A cottage came in second place, with 13% of Brits desiring cottagecore vibes with country gardens, rustic features and open fires.

Finally, bungalows were another popular choice and another 13% of respondents said they’d see themselves in one for their dream home. Unsurprisingly in our survey, bungalows were the most popular choice of dream property type for over 65s (27%) but have recently increased in popularity with first-time buyers in the UK snapping up bungalows more than ever as they’re a cheaper way of climbing the first rung on the property ladder.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dream home list without a mansion featuring and these impressive properties came in fourth with 12% wanting one for their dream home. The younger age bracket leaned towards mansions as their preferred dream property style. They also wanted a whopping four bathrooms!

Farmhouses followed in the top five dream property styles, with 10% seeking a little slice of country life – and maybe a vegetable patch or two.

The UK’s dream dining room, as designed by AI.

Vito Dining Table 175cm
Beck Dining Chair With Wooden Legs
Set of 2 Poppy Prints
Lge Potted Palm
Tall White Vase
Chloe Set of 2 Dining Chairs
Matt Black Metal Wire Pendant
Monochrome Etch 120x170cm Rug
Oberon Dining Table 240cm

Location, location, location 

The South West came out as the top location for many who took part (18%) with stunning spots such as Cornwall, Devon and Somerset to choose from in this region.

Idyllic beaches and rustic country settings appear to tempt Brits most. However, 11% would choose Scotland for their dream home setting – and with rolling hills, untouched natural beauty and the best tap water in the UK, Scotland is a dream for many.

Of course, the capital also had to feature in the list of dream locations and came in joint second with 11% claiming their ideal home would reside in the bustling Big Smoke. 53% of Londoners who took part in our survey even claimed that they would want their dream home here.

We found that 24% of 18-24 year olds who took part in our survey also chose London as their dream location, compared to just 3% of those aged 65 and over. For those who want to be where the action is, it makes sense to set up in the city.

The South West was most popular with those aged between 55 and 64 (26%), compared to just 4% of 18- to 24-year-olds. Scotland was fairly popular across all age ranges, suggesting that its natural beauty appeals to everyone. Maybe the lower house prices help with the appeal too.

Those already living in South West and taking part in the survey were also more likely to want to stay in the area, with 64% wanting their dream home in the region. The same could be seen from respondents in Scotland, with 74% of those who already live there not looking to move away for their dream home.

The South East and Yorkshire were also popular dream home locations, both with 9% of people saying their dream home would sit pretty here. In the South East, you have the popular coastal hotspots of Brighton and Hove as well as the historical city of Oxford where great-looking architecture and a plethora of libraries tempt bibliophiles to play house.

In Yorkshire, there are the bustling streets of Leeds to explore or the spooky coastal town of Whitby where Dracula first arrived in Bram Stoker’s famous novel.

Finally, 11% stated they simply weren’t sure where they would want their dream home in the UK – it’s no surprise when research suggests that we’re an indecisive nation that apparently lose 43 nights of sleep each year making decisions.

The UK’s dream bathroom, as designed by AI.

Sand Stripe Vase
Potted Onion Grass
Taupe Ceramic Ball Bowl
Oriana Mirror
Med Willow Lantern
Runswick Mirror
Asher 2 Drawer Side Table 55cm

Function over fancy  

We asked those taking part in our survey what they would want most as a ‘luxury feature’ in their dream home. The options available ranged from professional coffee machines to freestanding bathtubs and wine coolers.

Those weekend family fry-ups and fancy Friday night dinners likely had an influence on the results, as a quarter of respondents chose a kitchen island as their most desired luxury feature in their dream home. Respondents aged between 25 and 54 were the most likely to select this option.

Another quarter went for something practical, opting for heated flooring to keep toes toasty and the winter chill away.

Women were more likely to opt for heated flooring than men (27% of women and 22% of men) while smart technology and high-tech sound systems were considered more important features for men.

A freestanding bathtub was another luxury feature preferred by women (13%) compared to their male respondents (8%) and they were also more likely to want luxurious thick carpet in their dream home (16% of women chose this luxury feature compared to just 10% of men).

Cosiness is the dream it seems with 20% also wishing for a real fireplace in their living space and another 17% were keen to have an American-style double-door fridge freezer to keep stocked up.

The UK’s dream bedroom, as designed by AI.

Hartland 215x215cm Z and L Luxury SS Divan
White Orb Floor Lamp
Natural Woven Throw
Oriana Bedside Table With 2 Drawers
Ivory Piped Cushion
Mica 120X170Cm Rug Mn06
Frida 6 Door Wardrobe With Spacer
Conrad 2 Door Sliding Robe 181cm

Colour charts

Colour plays a key part in the ambience of any room and Brits prefer to keep things neutral. Soft neutrals came out top from room to room, followed by clean white shades, always stylish grey and earthy natural tones.

Soft neutrals were the colour palette of choice for every room except for the home office where 26% of respondents said they’d prefer to feature some pastel shades, followed by 14% who would opt for classic white for their workspace.

Men were more likely to choose white for the living room (21% compared to 12% of women), the dining room (13% compared to 8% of women) and the bathroom (17% compared to 11% of women).

The colour grey is still having a moment as 18-24-year-olds opted for this colour across their home with 17% wanting it in the living room. Grey was also a slightly more popular colour with men than women.

The numbers game 

Many of us need a certain number of bedrooms in our homes and in the UK four bedrooms appear to be the dream amount for many (30%). Whether we want to convert one into an office or even a playroom for the little ones, you can’t beat having that little extra space.

More women than men in our survey results would prefer to have this many bedrooms – 32% of women chose four bedrooms in their dream home compared to 29% of men.

Two bathrooms also worked out as the ideal total with 38% opting for an extra toilet while 29% would have three bathrooms – great for hosting! We found that 34% of 25- to 34-year-olds were most likely to want three toilets compared to just 29% opting for two bathrooms.

Ensuites were also nearly 10% more popular with women than men and 50% of those aged over 65 would want one of these in their dream home.

Most people would also choose to have an ensuite bathroom (33%) over a dedicated utility room (31%), walk-in wardrobe (28%), and even an indoor pool (22%) or cinema room (18%)! Who knew laundry would be more important than early morning laps?

45- to 54-year-olds were more likely to swing towards that separate space for the washer and dryer (28%) and most of these were women – with 41% desiring this dedicated space compared to just 21% of men.

We also learned that gyms were a more popular dream feature with 18–24-year-olds (23%) as well as an outdoor pool (20%).

The UK’s dream living room, as designed by AI.

Troy Corner Sofa Chaise Right
Cleo Gold Bulb Pendant
Anders Chair
Monochrome Boucle Cushion
Ombra Side Table
Black Sculpted Candleholder
Tyde Putty 120x170cm Rug
Myers Small Sofa
Fuji Tv Unit
Neutral Mode Wall Art

Dressing the space

So, we know what people are thinking when it comes to rooms and décor but what do they want to fill their dream home with?

Corner sofas were the top choice when it comes to that important seating set up in the living room, with 19% opting for these space-enhancing features.

Chaise sofas came in a close second (17%), great for lounging and long evenings spent relaxing and getting cosy. Finally, recliners pipped in at third in popularity with 12% of people looking to lay back in true comfort.

Leather was the most popular choice of material for a sofa with 28% stating that they’d opt for it – easy to clean, great looking, long-lasting, a great all-rounder! Men opted for leather more in our survey, 30% compared to 25% of women. Cotton was the next most popular sofa fabric overall (18%) followed by velvet (13%).

Women were a little more adventurous with their sofa fabric. More women chose velvet, linen, chenille and boucle than men and these fabrics were also more popular with respondents aged between 25 and 54.

It’s no surprise that velvet came out in the top three choices, as it has become a staple sofa material in recent years. It’s easy to brush down to clean, always looks good and is available in some stunning colours.

When it came to bedtime in one of those four bedrooms Brits would have in their dream home, divan beds came out top with 30% of respondents opting for them and were most popular with our over 65 respondents (47%).

Divan beds are great space savers, which means you can make more use of that potential walk-in wardrobe. Headboard beds (16%) and sleigh beds (14%) came in second and third, proving they’re classic choices no matter your style.

The UK’s dream garden, as designed by AI.

Portland Deluxe Square Corner Dining Set Taupe
Fira Round Dining Table 140cm
Ipanema Lounge Corner Set
Vigo Dining Table With 4 Chairs
Lanika Dining Armchair

What are people currently looking for if they are moving home?

When it comes to what we’re currently searching for when looking for a new home, three bed homes with two bathrooms appear to be the most sought out property types.

Three beds, two beds and one bed homes are the most sought-after properties, and gardens are considered an important feature. Each month, there are 49,160 searches for three bedroom properties compared to 16,880 searches for four beds – which is what most of our survey respondents would want in their dream home.

Surprisingly, detached houses don’t appear to be that popular, not even scraping the top 10 of the most searched for building types in monthly searches.

Tiny homes, condos and studios are in the top 10 most searched for property types alongside your usual semi-detached and terraced property searches.

Most people are also searching for apartments or flats (234,360 searches per month), followed by bungalows (186,770) and then new builds (78,130), reflecting the current state of the property market as first-time buyers struggle to secure a home.

When it comes to those ‘luxury features’ unlike our survey results, kitchen islands don’t even make the top five most searched for features. Gardens are the most important feature of a home, with 5,170 monthly searches for properties featuring an outdoor space.

Pools came in second (1,040 monthly searches), 22% of people said they’d want one in their dream home followed by walk in wardrobes (280 searches per month) - 28% of people in our survey said they would have one of these. What we’re looking for and what many would consider their dream home appears to be very different.

Where are people looking for houses in the UK?

So, where are people looking to live? London comes out on top when it comes to location with 85,560 searches online each month, compared to third place in our survey responses.

Somerset was the second most sought after location, with 82,110 searches for properties in this area, reflecting 18% of our survey respondents’ penchant for a dream property in the South West.

The city of Leeds is the third most popular location for a house search (66,960 searches each month) followed by Derby (66,000) and Edinburgh (64,210).

Beach front locations are still a popular choice, with 19,840 searches per month reflecting our survey responders preferring their dream house to reside in the South West where coastal cities reign.

City locations come in second, with 2,030 searches followed by countryside spots (1,260).

What are people doing if they can’t find their dream home?

A little DIY, of course! Or dressing up the space with new and improved furniture.

Home improvement is rising in popularity. Worldwide, the home improvement market value sits at over 750 million – that’s a lot of DIY going on!

Bathroom renovations appear to be the most popular form of home improvement in the UK between 2017 and 2020, with 38% of people taking on this job.

A new kitchen came second (34% of people had this done) followed by a new boiler (34%) and replacing the windows (29%).

As budgets get tighter, it sometimes makes sense to opt for renovations over those huge moving costs and a new bathroom could even increase the overall value of your property by 4 to 5%.

Kitchens are also potential money-makers, and a good renovation can increase the value of your property by 7.23%. The average house price at the time of writing sits at around £286,000, so a new kitchen could bump up the value by an incredible £20,677.

In the future, you might just enjoy that extra equity to put towards that four-bed dream house with two bathrooms, a kitchen island and a gorgeous soft neutral colour palette.

The UK’s dream home office, as designed by AI.

Magic Office Chair
Halmstad Office Desk
Potted Bamboo Tree
Teramo Open Shelving Unit
Consul Home Office Chair
Kassel Bookshelf


It seems that we Brits would be pretty happy with a few home comforts and some extra space in our dream home.

In reality, we’re searching for smaller properties and less typical building types such as bungalows as first-time buyers find new ways to get onto the property ladder.

For those who can’t move, home improvement is the way forward and there are so many ways to give your space a new lease of life.

AI is a great tool for inspiration, or you can browse what’s new and design a room around a key piece of furniture such as a sofa or a bed frame.

Consider the impact those big renovations can have, such as bathroom and kitchen refits, and create a little something special for you and your family to enjoy.

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