Summer is the perfect time to reorganise your home and get it in ship-shape for the new season, ready to settle down in clutter-free comfort when autumn arrives. However, keeping your home tidy can sometimes feel like a chore.

One of the best ways to ensure your living space is always in order is to have plenty of storage to hide away or display all of your possessions. But how do you create a balance between function and style?

The following handpicked pieces perfectly showcase how storage can be both practical and super stylish at the same time.

Footstools with Hidden Storage

Stylish storage ideas - Ercol Triggiano footstool


One of our favourite ways to hide away clutter is with a stylish footstool such as the Ercol Triggiano Storage Footstool. Not only is it great for putting your feet up on after a long day, but it also functions as a handy place to store all those little bits and bobs cluttering your living room. The spacious storage area inside the stool has enough room to house a couple of spare cushions, an impressive DVD collection or a hoard of magazines.

Clutter-free Console Tables


New Frontier Console Table

Hallways are one of the worst places for accumulating mess; they become magnets for loose change, car keys and unopened mail. One of the best ways to keep your hallway tidy is with a console table. Their handy drawer space is the perfect place to hide away those items without a home.

This New Frontier Console Table is the ideal addition to your hallway. As well as having two spacious drawers, its rustic design will add a feeling of warmth and character to your entrance space.

Decorative Display Shelves

Hoboken Display Shelves

Sometimes, you want to display your most prizes possessions rather than hiding them away. Keep your collection of ornaments, favourite books and decorative accessories in one place with a stylish set of shelves.

The Hoboken Metal Rack is a chic and stylish addition to any room. Its linear and contemporary design will add a fabulous feature to your room thanks to its walnut box shelving and industrial metal structure.

Spacious Storage Benches

Bosco Storage Bench



If you live in a small home and need to maximise your space, look for storage items that double up as something else. The Ercol Bosco Storage Bench features a cushioned top which means that it will add extra seating space to your living room or hallway.

Not only is it a superb place to store items such as blankets, bedding and cushions, but it also functions as a stylish stool that you can sit on to lace up your shoes.

Stylish Storage Baskets

Stylish storage baskets

To keep things in order, everything in your house should have a home. One of the easiest ways to add an extra source of storage to your living space with a couple of stylish woven baskets.

Our range of Kubu storage look great and comes in a range of sizes and shapes for every use, including a Tall Umbrella Basket, a Round Log Basket, an Oval Laundry Basket and a set of Woven Chests. These are ideal for throwing in those items that don’t belong anywhere else.

Tidy Toy Boxes


Jools Toy Box

If you have kids, we can bet that your living room is almost always littered with toys. Stash things away on an evening and create a more adult-friendly space with a stylish toy box.

The Jools Storage Box is a wonderful place to store all of your child’s favourite things in a chic and practical way. With its contemporary treasure chest design, it will fit perfectly with your existing home decor, whilst still keeping your home neat and tidy.

What do you think of our stylish storage solutions? Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your home clutter free?