If you’re not too familiar with furniture manufacturers then you might never have heard of Square Roots, but that’s all about to change.

“Square Roots is the union of two people, inspired by handmade, sustainable, solid wood furniture.” – Justin Wheatcroft and Edward Stoddart


Square Roots takes great pride in understanding oak in all its complexity. By selecting the best quality and most environmentally responsible suppliers they produce an exceptional quality product.

Just like ourselves, Square Roots are a close knit community who started out small.

The two guys responsible for Square Roots are Edward Stoddart and Justin Wheatcroft.

Edward studied at the London College of Furniture where he pursued his passion for working with solid wood. He then began restoring antique furniture and acquired a knowledge of traditional wood finishes working at Rupert Bevan Ltd. He initially specialized in gilding and painting before going on to tackle everything from French polish to modern lacquers.

‘It’s inspiring to think that hardwood has been used as a building material since the dawn of time and the joinery techniques we use follow a tradition dating back hundreds of years. Today it’s still one of the most ecologically sound and beautiful of materials to use’ – Edward

Justin was born near Sherwood Forest, Nottingham and growing up, shared the same passion for design and nature as Edward. He first started producing live-edge furniture, which makes use of the natural shape of the tree, while living in Hanoi in 1998.

‘Keeping designs simple and light is the most effective way to spotlight the soul of the tree. By balancing the flowing beauty of nature with finely engineered structures we can showcase man’s understanding of the rational and the aesthetic’ – Justin

VEGA table - seared 1

The inspiration was to marry Edward and Justin’s skill-sets, which dovetail so well. The mission was to create modern furniture with clean lines, and a natural, organic spirit. This philosophy became known as Square Roots.

They are inspired by mid-twentieth century designers, in particular master craftsmen such as Hans Wegner and George Nakashima.

Using natural forms and embracing the characteristics of solid hardwood, many designs include the natural ‘live’ or ‘waney’ edges of the tree and use large sections of timber. All of them incorporate variations in grain, colour and texture.

Solid metals are also used in the Square Roots designs. The use of specialist workshops enables the mixing of materials, which aids in the engineering of designs and enhances the aesthetic.

A particular favourite of Square Roots’ is the use of recycled, sand-cast iron. This involves the collection of old engine blocks, obsolete machines and disused equipment. This material is melted at over 1500 degrees in a furnace, before being set in carefully crafted sand moulds.

The traditional process is highly skilled and can produce a great variety of shapes and effects. Square Roots like to product items, such as their cast iron table legs with raw, organic spirit, that combines beautifully with the solid wood.

Take a look at the Vega range from Square Roots we have available here at Barker and Stonehouse.