Versatility is often key when deciding on colour schemes, which is why neutral colour palettes are so popular in the home.

There’s no denying that for many of us, neutrals have a reputation of being a little (whisper it!) boring, but fear not – one of the hottest trends we’ve seen so far this season has given a flat neutral colour palette a renewed lease of life. With subtle powdered pastels and blush hues emerging, these provide a fresh and interesting alternative to beige.

From walls to furniture to accessories, a neutral colour palette mixed with pale sorbet hues is a great way of revitalising a room without playing it too safe. Light pastel tones are perfect for optimising the feeling of light and will beautifully create a fresh, airy space.

One of the best things about this trend is how easy it is to recreate in any room within the home, and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with it!

This Lubiana Dining Chair in taupe adds a soft and sophisticated element to a New England inspired dining space. With gorgeous cabriole legs and deep buttoned detailing, the chair radiates glamour and is great for adding a subtle touch of colour without being bland.


Bringing this look into the living zone is also simple and effective; this Craven Grand Sofa is available in stunning shades of ivory, taupe and slate. These incredibly versatile shades are ideal for this look, and come with an added bonus that if you were to change the theme of your living area, the sofa would be so easy to work around, whatever the new scheme.


Finishing touches are essential for ensuring this muted yet uplifting palette is unique and interesting, so don’t be afraid to use a range of tactile decorative surfaces and accessories.

Whether you have vintage tiled flooring or beautiful wooden floorboards, this pretty, plush Aran Rug will soften a scheme and bring a sumptuous element to the space.

Aran Rug Rose

Lighting is always important, even within a colour palette that is so light, so introducing this vintage-inspired Goal Shade in powder green would be a great addition. The design is handmade from recycled glass which brings a touch of character to the room.

Goal Shade Green

If your mantel piece is looking a little bare, a candle holder like our Munro Peach Ribbed Glass Votive Holder is a gorgeous way of creating an inviting warm glow as evenings draw to a close.

Munro Peach Ribbed Glass Votive Holder

A refreshing alternative to traditional beige palettes, introducing these new sherbet-inspired neutrals is a wonderful way of subtly breathing a new, glamourous lease of life into your home.