Based on the eccentric 1980s era of pop and punk, themes of love, lust and low-brow rebellion are making a comeback in a beautiful and lively way.  If you like making a statement, the pop punk look is a must to explore. Unlike neon knee-high socks and sweatbands, some 1980s styles are simply timeless and easy to incorporate into your modern interiors.

If there is not much natural light in your living area, opting for bold and bright shades will immediately inject colour and personality without making the space feel cluttered.  Start by introducing a striking sofa as a statement centre piece where you can spend time relaxing with family and friends. One of our favourites is the Cleves Grand Sofa in Vintage Amber which will transform your living area into a lively sanctuary.  Its soft fabric and solid wood feet add an essence of luxury, which is sure to be a household favourite for many years to come.


Eclectic Pop Punk Interiors

Accessories are the easiest way to add a new look to your home. If you want to add a punky vibe to your interior, look for glam metallic accents and vibrant colours. You can brighten up any room with our round metal Lounge Pendant light, or add the eye-catching Gold Bottle Vase to a table top and allow the reflective surface to bounce light around the space.

Lounge Pendant (Chrome)

Gold Bottle Vase

Pop art quickly adds character to any room. Why not bring the 1980s into your home and commemorate the late, great David Bowie by displaying the iconic Aladdin Sane Album Art? The impressive 50cm x 50cm print is stylishly framed and is sure to be a talking point with guests.

Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge

Or have a little fun and dare to be bold with the Art Attack Feather Cushion.  It has a mix of adventurous colours to provide plenty of personality and will add some playfulness to an otherwise subtle bed or sofa.

Art Attack Feather Cushion

And if you love a bit of glitz and glamour when it comes to dining, you can’t look past the Caspian Atlantic Table and Melia Chairs. The table’s stainless steel legs and railway wood top create a unique look and we love the scrumptious crushed velvet, chrome studding and button-backed detailing on the chairs.


The thrilling revival of a number of 80’s trends is here, and if you know how to work them, they look anything but dated.