‘This year, I’ll drink more water, exercise more and eat healthier.’ Sound familiar?

With the New Year comes an over-ambitious list of resolutions and, more often than not, we’ve given up by the middle on January. So this year, we’re asking you to give yourself a break and turn the attention to your home.

Be inspired by our top five interior resolutions highlighted below and inject a little love into your home this year:

To invest in a good nights’ sleep

It’s suggested that we spend a total of 25 years of our lifetime sleeping – that’s a long time to be spending in an uncomfortable bed.

Invest in a new bed and quality mattress…choose from an open-spring, pocket spring or memory foam mattress, depending on your preference.

We stock Tempur, Somnus and Vi-Spring – three renowned brands of excellent quality when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

Top tip – remember to turn your mattress every six months to prolong its life, unless it’s a memory foam!


To de-clutter with savvy storage

We all want to start the New Year in a clean and tidy home (and hope it stays like that) so this is the perfect time to streamline accessories and get rid of those un-needed knickknacks.

But what if you just have a lot of ‘stuff’ that you want to keep but have nowhere to put it?

Sliding wardrobes are a sleep modern addition to any bedroom and provide the perfect storage solution for a busy family home.


Top tip – in smaller bedrooms, mirrored wardrobe panels will double the size of the space!

To take more risks with colour and pattern

Do you tend to go back, season after season, to the same old tried and tested colour pallate?

Take a leap of faith and infuse a burst of colour into your home this year. Don’t be afraid to clash bold colours and patterns for a bohemian look.

We love the mix of bright colours against the reclaimed Oakland finish of our Charlie range.


Or how about a feature wall with a bold geometric wallpaper? This Scandinavian-inspired look has a distinctive flair for pattern.

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To buy sustainably

We already recycle, bring reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, and buy fuel efficient cars. But have you ever thought about buying furniture sustainably?

Using reclaimed woods for flooring and feature walls can give a rustic feel to a room, but the technique works equally well when combined with bold, bright colours and edgy metallic accessories for a contemporary feel.

Pioneering companies such as Little Tree Furniture are combining their environmental credentials with outstanding craftsmanship and intriguingly-sourced materials to create beautiful furniture with built-in history.


As well as a feel-good factor you get from buying reclaimed items, products from Little Tree are hand-made by some of the best carpenters, meaning no two pieces are ever the same.

Invest in it, and you’ll own a piece of furniture that wears its history proudly.

To fill your home with investment pieces

Buy less but buy better and invest in quality to ensure your pieces stand the test of time.

Ercol’s Studio Couch is a fine example of this. Ercol is a design classic from the word go – the Studio Couch was originally conceived by founder Lucian Ercolani in the Fifties. But now it’s been brought exquisitely up to date by Timorous Beasties’ fabric.