As each new season rolls around, with it comes an array of exciting new trends in fashion and home decor.

For Autumn/Winter 2016, our creative manager has put together five key looks inspired by the latest interior influences. Priding ourselves on sourcing the very best interior pieces from across the globe, these handpicked looks explore unique colour palettes, plush textures as well as the fusion of iconic aesthetics leading to explosive and eye-catching results.

Let’s take a look at our five favourite trends for autumn/winter 2016.


Barker&Stonehouse Eclectibles 1

Renato Sofa, Renato Chair, Cave Footstool, Cave Chair

A sense of genuine uniqueness embodies this trend. With obvious influences from both Nordic and South American interiors, here we see how two distinctly different looks can blend and work together harmoniously. Keeping the furniture simple with clean lines and tactile surfaces, the Scandi inspired pieces act as the ideal platform for promoting the riot of colour brought through by rugs, throws, cushions and crockery. This fusion of bold and energetic patterns works to provide a bohemian twist to the scheme, allowing two very separate trends to merge into an inspiringly avant-garde look.

Barker&Stonehouse Eclectibles 2

Stylist tip: The popularity of Scandi furniture is here to stay however this doesn’t mean everything has to stay muted and neutral. Here you see how the furniture sits beautifully with the multitude of bold and dynamic prints offset by the wildness of the hanging foliage. This trend is all about layering and this doesn’t just relate to cushions but also to rugs, plants, accessories and tableware prints. The bold injections of colour and pattern also adds a sense of warmth to the scheme, complimented by the signature Nordic furs.
Novalie Dining Table, Bench and Chairs

Jewelled Ambition

Barker&Stonehouse Jewelled Ambition 1

Harrington Sofa, Caspian Admire Coffee Table, Ellonby Large Button Stool

If vibrant tones and sumptuous fabrics are your idea of interior design heaven, then this is the trend for you. Oozing a flamboyant and playful nature, tactile materials and colour combinations make this look one you won’t forget in a hurry. As more of us become a shade braver, the growth of vibrantly coloured furniture pieces, such as sofas and upholstered dining chairs, has fused with our enduring love for everything maximalist. Emulating how a traditional space can be given a modern twist through unexpected injections of c olour and pattern, this eccentric look is all about creating a scheme that isn’t afraid to be bold.

Barker&Stonehouse Jewelled Ambition 2

Stylist tip: To successfully recreate this trend the trick is to not shy away from colour but to ensure your room is a kaleidoscope of vibrant shades. Start with the larger pieces of furniture to begin with and then build this adventurous look piece by piece. Select your base tone, such as a luxurious teal for a sofa, and then bring in layers of tonally rich hues from accessories and soft furnishings. Distinctive finishing touches such as ornate feathers and metallic detailing are ideal for completing the look.
Mimi Chair, Caspian Atlantic Console Table

Manor Reborn

Barker&Stonehouse Manor Reborn 1

Austen Bed Frame, Austen Bedside Table

Classic doesn’t have to mean dated. Comprising of rus tic woods and sophisticated textures, this trend demonstrates how a traditional scheme can introduce modern prints and embellishments
for an updated look. It really is all in the detail and by combining a variety of prints with metallic accents and rich wooden accessories, the refined palette works to create a comforting and cosy atmosphere.

Barker&Stonehouse Manor Reborn 3

Stylist tip: Working with wood is a gr eat way of creating interest in a neutral scheme. The rustic nature of the furniture adds depth to the look and allows the rest of the palette to remain soft and sophisticated. Try not to get hung up on matching the shade and grain of each wooden piece to one another as the beauty of this material is in its uniqueness. By adding subtle injections of colour and pattern into the layout, this charming look can be interpreted in many ways to suit the natural architectural features of your property.
Austen Blanket BoxAusten 4 Drawer Chest

Reclaim Revolution

Barker&Stonehouse Reclaim Revolution 1

Keeler Norman Table & Stannis Chairs

Fusing exposed materials, worn leather and industrial fixtures with a pared-back colour palette, Reclaim Revolution embodies urban style at its best. No longer confined to warehouses and expansive city lofts, this utilitarian look can be achieved in any space, on any scale. Opting for reclaimed furniture will help emphasise the raw and unique essence of this trend whilst touches of metallic accents inject warmth and hints of luxury into the scheme. Layer rich leather sofas with beautifully tactile cushions and textured throws to ensure that this metropolitan scheme retains that all important level of comfort.

Barker&Stonehouse Reclaim Revolution 3

Stylist tip: To perfectly capture this look, simply let the existing architectural features of your home inspire the design. Exposed brick work will create the ideal backdrop for oversized industrial lighting and if you are lucky enough to have original wooden floorboards, don’t cover them up, embrace their weathered natural grain and restore them to their former glory. If however, you’re home doesn’t come with large scale visible brickwork, consider installing one of the many brick effect wallpapers currently available on the market to achieve this trend.
Keeler 5 Drawer Chest, Yeti Chair

Simple Form

Barker&Stonehouse Simple Form 1

Livata Corner Sofa

Blending American mid-century style with a modern aesthetic, this trend demonstrates how less is more in an open plan space. Oversized pared back shapes work as the key focal point f or sofas in the room with corresponding accessories and furnishings all expertly placed. In this scheme every item has a purpose and this considered approach allows the room to maintain a sense of flow without becoming cluttered. The clean and simple lines of the high shine metal furniture is juxtaposed by touches of patterned decor which adds depth to the look. The palette is beautifully muted, comprising of a spectrum of charcoal greys, offset by flashes of luxurious gold embellishments.

Barker&Stonehouse Simple Form 2

Stylist tip: The key to capturing this look is to plan every item in the space from the larger pieces down to the smallest. To avoid the scheme becoming cold, play around with a combination of patterns, textures and complementary shades achieved with cushions and throws. The lavish gold accents add a sense of drama and accentuate the timeless glamour this look embodies.
Halmstad BookcaseGenesis Coffee Table

Which is your favourite autumn/winter 2016 trend?