It seems Markle-mania is sweeping the country. Everyone’s favourite princess-to-be has been well and truly taken to the nation’s heart in the run-up to the Big Day.

Before becoming a royal-in-waiting, however, Megan had plenty going on. Acting, activism and humanitarian work are some of the more well-known things that spring to mind. But on top of all that, did you know she also has a good eye for interior décor too?

Megan Markle’s Instagram account has long been a source of inspiration for home décor devotees as it gives a keyhole on her interior design preferences in her très chic Toronto home. Whether these will be continued in the next royal residence, who can say?

In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to round up some key pieces and show you how to get the Megan Markle look for your own home using Barker and Stonehouse to bring things to life.

So we dived into Ms. Markle’s Instagram feed and amongst the glamour and glitz you might expect from a big name screen-star, there were lots of scenes depicting cosy domestic bliss with close friends and her pet dogs, Bogart and Guy.

Talking of which, here’s Bogart himself giving a warm welcome home. Cute pooch aside, we can see that rugs on bare floors play a key part in Meghan’s interior styling – and we’ve got just the thing if you want a slice of the Scandi-vibe. Our Pimlico rug features playful stripes to add a touch of colour to a room.

Pimlico striped rug

In keeping with the relaxed feelies chez Megan, there’s an element of up-cycling going on too. This distressed trunk has a worn industrial mood to it and is doubling up as a side table for flowers (more of which later) and books (more of that too). For a unique look, try using trunks such as our set of 3 copper trunks as a coffee table like Meghan.

Set of 3 Copper Trunks

Did we mention flowers? They bloom more than a few times in the images Megan has carefully curated for her Instgram account. In your own home, they can really add life to a room and lift your spirits when you enter. Whether you go for complementary colours as Megan has done here or a pop of contrasting colour, you can’t really go too far wrong. Humble bunch or blooming bouquet, however, you need something to put them in and on – which is where we can help out with our range of stylish side tables and vases.

Cicero Table | Palma Vase

Whilst there’s a strong design ethos that seems to guide Megan’s style choice, she’s obviously big on comfort and not afraid to go a bit slouchy when the need arises. Granted, this may seem like the Bogart and Guy show once again, but look beyond the pampered pooches to a sofa that’s as cuddly as the occupants. Our Pablo sofa range is perfect for that relaxed look.

Pablo Sofa | Pablo Snuggler Chair

Prints can really make a room – as Megan illustrates below – especially when grouped to give extra impact and intrigue. Here white frames and backgrounds give a style-theme, but feel free to mix and match until you get something that feels right for your space. Browse our art gallery to find your perfect prints.

Spatula Framed Print | The Pianist Print | Pretty in Pink Picture | James Bond Framed Print

And so to bed. (With more flowers, naturally.) In keeping with the other glimpses we get of Megan’s home styling, this bed is understated with a hint of vintage. Classic button cushion headboards give plenty of comfort whilst the sculptured shape adds a dash of extra design detail, just like our Wiltshire bed.

Wiltshire Bed Frame

Okay, hands up, we don’t think it’s Guy who’s the big reader here. But we do love the way books can make great décor in their own right. This shelving is given extra interest by grouping together titles according to colours and breaking things up a bit with horizontally stacked coffee table type tomes. Not a big reader? No problem. You can also use anything from photo frames to objets d’art to make storage even more stunning.

Criss Cross Shelving Unit

So there you have it, straight from the princess diaries, some handy pointers on divine décor – coming to a palace near you soon?

Image credit: @meghanmarkle