Spring is in the air. No really, it is. Okay maybe snow too, but spring is definitely on the way, trust us. There’s a bustle in the hedgerow and the days are getting gradually longer, hopefully bringing a bit of sunshine with them.

There’s also another sure sign the season’s about to change: you start to feel the uncontrollable urge for a good old spring de-clutter around the home. It’s a way of shaking off winter and letting spring do its thing in every nook and cranny.

You don’t have to be a super-hoarder to feel the benefits of a good de-clutter. Most of us build up bric-a-brac and general stuff over time that sneakily starts to fill the corners of our homes. Unwanted gits, impulse-buys, kitchen fads, magazines, kids’ toys, duplicate devices…it doesn’t take long for that steady tide of clutter to start ebbing though the house.

A spring de-clutter or lifestyle purge?

Most tidy-gurus – and there are lots about these days – insist that the only way you can de-clutter is to be utterly ruthless. Cast aside everything you haven’t used in the last week and resist any feelings of nostalgia as you systematically purge your life of anything that isn’t essential to existence.

Whilst there’s a lot to be said for minimalism, it can be tough work. The thing is, real life gets in the way. It’s human nature to want familiar things around and to treat yourself to something new every now and again. And to be honest, keeping everything constantly in order is virtually a full-time job. On top of everything else we all do on a daily basis, who really needs that?

So is there a middle way? We think so. By treading the fine line between reducing clutter and adding a little storage along the way, you can once again unlock those spaces around your home without a purge on your possessions. Whilst the tidy-gurus will tell you that extra storage just encourages more hoarding, it can also provide a stylish addition to your home whilst stowing away those things you don’t often use, but can’t bear to part with.

Try the ‘Three Bag Trick’

Okay, let’s begin with the clear out. This is where most people ask, ‘where do I start?’ accompanied by a tiny feeling of despair. But fear not, we have a cunning plan: it’s called the Three Bag Trick and here’s how it works. Take three black plastic bin liners, label one ‘Sell’ another ‘Donate’ and the last ‘Dump’. Now all you have to do is go through the house room-by-room and see which items fit which category.

The beauty of this technique is that it helps you quickly decide where something fits into the scheme of things. It cuts out the indecision as it forces you to use one of the three categories for otherwise aimless clutter.

With so many places to get good money for old stuff – from ebay to gumtree and shpock – your ‘Sell’ bag could net you a handy sum. Even things like old fashion or décor magazines can fetch a price, with collectors always on the look-out. Whilst making space, you can also make a difference by donating your unwanted bric-a-brac to your local charity shop. Just pop it in the ‘Donate’ bag and half the job’s done. Then of course, there’s stuff that just doesn’t deserve house room anymore. Once your ‘Dump’ bag is full, make a date with your local recycling centre.

Put a little extra storage in your life

Unless you’re one of the aforementioned minimalist ninjas, then you’ve probably still got things that you want to keep but not necessarily keep on display. And that’s when smart storage comes into its own.

spring de-cluttering tips

We’ve something for just about every room in the house in a range of size, shapes and styles – so you can add a dash of extra elegance and some practical storage space at the same time. Just take a look and see what ticks the boxes for you and your home…

Here are eight great ways to de-clutter and make a style statement at the same time.

Hancock Storage Coffee Table 


Need somewhere to keep all those things that seem to find their way onto the living room floor? Look no further. From DVDs to magazines, tablets and children’s toys, you can tuck it all way in this cleverly designed Hancock storage coffee table. The top opens to reveal a handy compartment and two drawers slide all the way through for easy access. And you can put coffee cups on top.  

Little Tree Shimla Chest 

Hand-crafted in India from reclaimed timber, this quirky and thoroughly lovable Shimla chest of three drawers is the perfect place to stow away those odds and ends that can clutter up your space. Compact enough to fit in just about any room in the house, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without this smart and stylish storage solution.

Polonia Wood Crates 


Beautifully simple and functional, this traditional set of wooden crates boasts a delightful wood grain, making them as useful as they are good-looking. Castors make this this handy piece totally mobile and perfect for anything from storing children’s toys to magazines and even fruit and veg.

Layla 6 Shelf Storage Unit 


From home-office to bathroom, this Layla industrial storage unit adds a dash of industrial chic, as well as plenty of space. With six large shelves, you can stash away all kinds of clutter safe in the knowledge it will look good in this hand-made piece, crafted from recycled hardwood and black metal.

Timothy Oulton Globetrekker Trunk 


For a more decadent way to de-clutter, what about this Timothy Oulton Globetrekker trunk? Based around designs from the golden age of travel, this splendid piece doubles up as a coffee table with a difference. When something looks this good, who cares what you store inside?

Buttons Blanket Box 


Let’s face it. You need somewhere to round up kids’ stuff and tuck it away for another day. This brilliant blanket box is the perfect place to do just that. With chunky handles for little hands to hang on to, and an interior spacious enough to take everything from moon rockets to ponies, it makes a fun and functional addition to any child’s room.   

Keeler Recycled Wood Chest 


Packing a total of 18 individual drawers, this Keeler recycled wood chest has plenty of space to hold and even, dare we say it, categorise all kinds of things. It also has the added advantage of eye-catching good looks that are sure to become an object of admiration. Which gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about your super successful spring de-clutter.  

Set of 3 Woven Baskets


This set of 3 woven baskets is perfect for a little extra storage in the bedroom and are versatile enough to complement any space. The different sizes are ideal for hiding away everything from blankets and towels to scarves and hats. They’d even make a stylish addition to a kids room when stuffed with toys.

Can’t see something that eases your storage yearnings? Take a look at our range of clever and cool clutter-busting storage options