New and exclusive to the Barker and Stonehouse brand stable, meet Huutt, a company that fuses the best of British craftsmanship with a fashion-forward design aesthetic.

Sure to become a firm favourite with home makers and design enthusiasts alike, here we learn a little more about what makes the Huutt team tick and what we can expect from this new kid on the furniture block…

Meet the Team

Founded in rural Kent by husband and wife team Steve and Jenny Armitage, Huutt is the product of over 50 years’ combined experience in furniture design, manufacturing and the creative industries.

Responsible for some of the most famed furniture ranges and brands on the UK high street, Steve is proud to bring over 30 years of designing, buying and product development to Huutt.

Jenny, on the other hand, has an extensive professional background in the creative sphere, which naturally developed her keen eye for both form and colour as well as identifying the hottest trends on the market.

The Huutt Design Philosophy

“Huutt’s design philosophy celebrates creative and collaborative craftsmanship. We whole-heartedly believe in supporting a highly-skilled manufacturing process that understands the artistry of design. We only say ‘yes’ to quality materials – and embrace every new idea that has the potential to make a good design great” explains Steve.

Huutt’s first collection incorporates a great variety of cabinet furniture, upholstered occasional chairs, sofas, beds and mattresses. As a young and quirky artisan brand, Huutt’s approach to design takes both classic and modern shapes and shakes them up by introducing unexpected and inspiring combinations of materials; wood finishes, fabrics, colours, sewing and tailoring techniques that help to ‘hero’ different contemporary interior styles.

Dickens Armchair

“The idea behind the brand is closely connected to how we live and how our homes can help improve our sense of well-being and happiness in very simple ways.

We’re big fans of the Slow Living movement and embracing the Danish idea of Hygge… but in a very British way,” says Jenny. “It’s important to pay homage to furniture classics from different eras and recognise the skills of the talented craftsfolk and artists who have gone before us. We like to draw inspiration from these greats and then throw a whopping big dollop of Huutt fun into the mix as well”, says Steve.

The Manufacturing Story

So, having eco-friendly credentials, is this now key to the buying process?

“Absolutely,” says Jenny, “thankfully customers are much better informed than they were ten years ago and are conscious of the significant environmental factors that impact on their homes and everyday lives. As designers, we’ve an important part to play in addressing these issues and are proud to be offering products made from sustainable materials.”

“I personally design all of the Huutt cabinetry here at our HQ in Kent”, explains Steve, “I then look after the production of the furniture at one of several Barker and Stonehouse approved overseas factories that I’ve been working with for many years, collaborating with highly-skilled craftsfolk who specialise in artisan techniques.”

Pablo 3 Seater Sofa

The beds and mattresses are handmade in Wiltshire. Our fabrics are sourced from several leading UK and European design houses, thanks to our excellent contacts”, says Steve, “we’ve been able to secure great prices that are then passed on to our customers.”

Huutt’s beautiful chairs and sofas are all handmade by master craftsfolk at a factory in Long Eaton, which has a unique status in the furniture industry as being the ‘centre of excellence’ for upholstery.

What’s your personal interior style?

“I designed our eco house which was finally completed in 2013” says Steve, “it was so satisfying to see the transformation after it started its life as an old 60’s wood-clad bungalow.”

“We’re not slaves to a rigid interior style, we’re ‘home-makers’ rather than ‘stylists’ and what’s really important to us is to create a welcoming space for our family and friends to enjoy with us.” “There’s a very organic mix of relaxed country style with mild Scandi influences due to the nature of the materials used in the structure of the building itself, that also flow naturally into the interior – lots of them are recycled.”

Pinter Armchair

The Huutt Team’s 5 top tips for planning a room

1. Measure

Ensure you measure the dimensions of your space at least three times and draw out a plan to avoid any miscalculation. Using paper cut-outs (to scale) of the furniture that you want to include, will help give you a good idea of your available space.

2. Focal Points

Think about the things in the room that you would like to focus on such as the fireplace or a favourite piece of art.

3. Orientation

Consider what direction the room faces and how natural light will impact your space. Take this into consideration when choosing your lighting and colour scheme.

4. Personalise with colour and texture

Your home is unique. Take a colour cue from a favourite painting, print, rug or even a treasured decorative object and make this the creative trigger to help guide you through your chosen colour palette. Perhaps add a pop of bold, bright colour with an occasional ‘accent’ chair and mix up fabric choices and textures. Scatter cushions are always an easy way to refresh your style.

5. Lighting

Think about what sort of atmosphere you want to create and what mix of lighting will help you achieve that.

Our range of Huutt furniture is now available to shop online. Visit our website to shop our new season looks and latest collections.