Often, when decorating a bedroom we overlook the little details because we are so worried about getting the main things right, but once your bed, wardrobe and draws are in your bedroom can still look incomplete. The little details are exactly what make your bedroom your sanctuary. One of the most important details your bedroom will need, is something striking on the wall above your bed, it is after all, going to be the one wall most of the focus is pointed at.

We have rounded up some of our favourite ideas to give you some inspiration on how to style the space above your bed.

Style above bed

A Statement Mirror

If your room is small, or you just love a room with plenty of light, then add a gorgeous eye-catching statement mirror above your bed. The mirror will reflect the natural light in your room making it feel much bigger as well as giving your room an airy and fresh feel.

Principal Artwork

Sometimes less is more, and that is perfectly true of opting for a striking oversized piece of art above your bed. Choose an image which is heavily patterned to give statement to the wall, or for something more relaxing, choose a monochromatic piece of art.

A 3-D Piece

Whether it is a clock or a sculpture, adding depth to a wall can create a beautiful and unexpected statement piece. You can go as big or small as you want and it will still create an eye-catching and unusual decoration.

A Gallery Wall

If you’re a spatial pro, fill that entire wall with a collection of artwork that will bring your room to life. Or choose soft and neutral pieces to keep the bedroom feeling calm and restful.

Hanging Textile

This trend has been taking the boho interior design world by storm, and it is so simple to achieve. Bring texture to your overhead space with a bold and vibrant wall hanging. Whether you’re a globetrotter who hauled home a rug from an exotic location or you just love an eclectic look, a patterned textile can be a great replacement for the more traditional headboard.