Scandi style is here to stay, but our quirky take on this trend puts a twist on the popular Nordic look. Eclectibles embodies a sense of uniqueness, blending two distinct styles in one for a bohemian appeal.

While traditional Scandi style focuses on neutral colours and pared-back design, this trend shows how those classic furniture pieces can sit beautifully with South American-inspired prints, clashing patterns and exotic accessories.

Barker and Stonehouse Eclectibles

The Eclectibles look is the perfect way to inject a touch of character into your living space. Here’s how you can get the look using furniture and accessories from Barker and Stonehouse.

Functional Furniture

Barker and Stonehouse Eclectibles

Furniture is the best place to start when creating an Eclectibles look. This trend is all about the Scandinavian ideal of combining style with function; for example, a sofa should look good but also be cosy. The Renato Sofa features a simple but stylish design with an angular shape, sloped arms and chic vintage-inspired button back detailing. Deep seats and a soft fabric finish make it perfect for sinking into.

For a Scandi vibe, choose furniture with clean lines and light wood finishes, such as the Novalie Sideboard. Its modern, minimalist design is made from natural oak and pine,

Footstools will also add a practical but pretty element to a room. We’ve chosen bold and bright designs including the Moro Round Pouffe and the Jodphuri Pouffe, which add a bohemian twist to this set up.

Clashing Prints

Barker and Stonehouse Eclectibles

A patterned rug, such as the Jerida Rug, will add an extra layer of colour and pattern whilst also bringing warmth into your room.Clean and simple furniture acts as the perfect platform for a riot of colour, brought through by rugs, throws, cushions and crockery. Don’t worry about coordination with this look; choose a mix of bold, exotic patterns and clashing prints to create an eclectic appeal. Accessories such as the Tamsin Leaf Print Cushion and Baoli Teal Throw are perfect for dressing your sofa.

Nordic Fur

Barker and Stonehouse eclectibles

Made with long-haired New Zealand sheepskin, the Timothy Oulton Cave Chair and Footstool make a great addition to an Eclectibles scheme.Tactile textures are another key element of this cosy, offbeat look. Layer woven rugs and plush velvet fabrics with Nordic-inspired shaggy furs for a quirky fusion feel.

Boho Lighting

Barker and Stonehouse Eclectibles

Our large Goliath Hobby Floor Lamp will continue the theme of functional, fashion-forward pieces, providing plenty of light whilst adding statement style to your room.Finally, Scandi-inspired lighting adds a fabulous finishing touch to the Eclectibles trend. Choose light and airy styles such as our Bamboo Shades, which will perfectly complement the pale wood furniture and bright patterns of this avante-garde look.

Will you be embracing the Eclectibles look this season?