Barker and Stonehouse have challenged UK’s best interior bloggers to style their own rooms using winter and Christmas inspired trends, as part of The Blogger House series we will be bringing new looks to you over the coming month from our talented bloggers, keep updated by following the hashtag #TheBloggerHouse

As the dark morning get darker, and the cold nights get colder, there is one ray of hope that keeps us Brits going through the endless moaning of driving in the snow and whinging about it being to cold. One thing, that keeps us all from absolutely washing our hands of this time of year – Christmas.

I mean, what’s not to love about it?

Watching Home Alone back to back in your onesie. Spooning your way to the bottom of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (and the delight of scooping up the white chocolate polar bear – you know that feeling). Glancing out the living room window, to a picture perfect Christmas Card snowfall. What’s not to love?

But when Kevin’s reunited with his Mother, and that tub of ice cream (that started off as “just 1 more spoonful”) is quickly forgotten, instead replaced by a sense of overwhelming guilt that hits harder than a round house from Holly Holm. The festive magic is suddenly exposed to be a bigger trickster than Paul Daniels.

Your winter wonderland surroundings become nothing but a dark, looming blanket of depression. Ready to tuck you in before bedtime. Sound familiar? No!?Just me then…..

Regardless, when its cold and dark outside, making it warm and bright inside is the number one priority when it comes to your home. Burkaton Warm Winter Interior

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That is exactly the approach that Caroline from has taken with her recent Barker & Stonehouse accessory additions.

“For me winter is all about getting cosy and adding texture with throws and cushions. I wanted to add warmth with this beautiful faux fur that’s perfect for burrowing into at night. Hanging art prints is another way of adding colour and interest to a space at this time of year”

With a bleak palette of greys and blacks during the winter months of almost 24/7 darkness, the simple additions of hanging prints at home, as Caroline has done, easily allows anyone to inject some colour and vibrance into their home. A bold contrast from the harsh, wintery outside world.

Caroline obviously likes to cuddle up to something a little more cosy than a bed sheet, so her choice of the Vancouver faux fur throw makes the perfect spooning partner on lonely nights!

Has Caroline’s winter-warming design inspired you to make your house a Barker & Stonehouse?