As the New Year rolls around and we make resolutions that will ultimately be dropped by the time February hits, there is one thing that you can achieve. A new year is the perfect time to declutter and cleanse your home!

Investing in innovative and design led storage will not only make your home chaos free but also beautifully styled; an absolute must in January after the mess over the holiday season has accumulated.

As an expert in creating intelligent storage ideas, our creative stylist Claire Hornby shares her favourite tips for New Year decluttering.

Stylish Shelving

Fundamental to home storage, large scale bookcases and display cabinets are ideal for making the most of the space available. Allowing for both open and closed storage, these pieces can either showcase prized possessions or hide away unsightly clutter.

Halmstad Bookcase

If display is your number one priority, look to the contemporary Hoboken Metal Rack. Fashioning a linear design of rustic box shelving placed within an industrial structure, this piece will make a great focal point in any room.

If however you require both storage and shelving, look to the uber modern Halmstead Bookcase. Bang on trend thanks to its concrete effect frame, this eye catching piece also contains a hidden deep set drawer, perfect for stowing away piles of papers or miss-matched crockery.

Clutter-Free Drinks Cabinets

After multiple Christmas parties are done and dusted, there is usually an excess of wine bottles, between over calculating out of fear of guests running dry and with the added bottles brought as gifts, partaking in a sober January just doesn’t sound plausible.

The Carisbrooke Wine Rack is the perfect solution in situations like this as it provides multiple compartments to store wine and also has closed door shelving on the left allowing for your best dinner plates to be stored away. This is the perfect piece for any dining room and will display those drinks you hold so dear.

Carisbrooke Wine Rack

Tidy Toy Boxes

As the toys treasured on Christmas morning have now fallen by the wayside, look to practical yet well designed kids room storage. A large box such as the Buttons Toy Box is the perfect way to house toys as they can be loaded up and kept at the end of the bed.

Buttons Blanket Box

Another great choice is the Carrington White Blanket Box. By adding a couple of cushions to the top it also creates additional seating for your children and their friends.

Handy Hidden Storage

Finally, where do you store the never ending decorations? While bigger pieces can be stored in cupboards and attics, smaller more delicate items should be kept somewhere they won’t get broken. The Bowden Large Storage Stool has a soft cushiony exterior and spacious interior, allowing for secret decoration storage whilst becoming a stylish addition to any living room.


Bowden Large Storage Stool

A fresh start calls for a fresh and functional home. With our storage solutions, you can kick off the new year with a clean and clutter free living space.