Whether you’re a fan of bold, eye catching interiors or prefer muted pastel hues accompanied by soft, delicate textiles, here at Barker and Stonehouse we’ve got a huge range of furniture to suit every style and taste.

At the moment, one of our favourite looks has to be the industrial trend; it’s been huge for several seasons now and is showing no signs of going anywhere!

With this in mind, we thought that this month we’d focus our Brand of the Month post on the amazing Little Tree Furniture.

The brand was founded after Neil Buckley-Jensen and his wife Aimee returned from a trip that was to change their lives. “While exploring India, we were hugely inspired by the woodworking we saw there, with craftspeople using old colonial tools. When we came back, we bought an old house in East Sussex and went back to India with furniture designs” said Neil.

The handmade furniture was an instant hit, and soon the business moved online. Not long after this, we spotted their unique designs and couldn’t wait to offer their pieces to our customers.

Despite its growth over the years, India remains at the heart of the company; Little Tree Furniture has eight carpentry studios there and employs more than 50 people.


What’s more, Little Tree Furniture also has incredible eco credentials. At Barker and Stonehouse, we recognise the significance of acting responsibly in order to protect our planet, which is just one of the reasons why we love this brand.


From old fishing boats that are no longer in use to structural beams that once lived in an old fortress, the woods used to create each piece are sourced from a wide range of different places throughout India. The brand even melts down old cars and oil drums in order to provide recycled metals for its furniture pieces.

As a result of this, each piece is truly unique and no two will ever be the same, bringing a sense of individuality to any home.

We’re delighted to stock such a unique and interesting brand here at Barker and Stonehouse – find out more about the brand and shop the collection here: http://www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/little-tree-furniture.php