Tiffany Grant-Riley is the woman behind the stylists’ favourite blog, Curate & Display. As an interiors stylist and art director herself, Tiffany knows a thing or two about great design, so we caught up with her to find out more

Tell us a little bit about yourself….

That’s always the hardest question to answer, isn’t it? Well, I’m a 30-something freelance interior stylist, mother of two under 5, houseplant addict and lifestyle blogger. I live in the beautiful, historic town of Rochester in Kent in a mid-century build – we have a 12th Century castle and a cathedral you know.

What led you to start Curate and Display?

Curate & Display evolved from another blog I’d been writing for three years prior to that but felt that its current format wasn’t working for me, so I renamed it last year. About the same time, we moved house and after turning 30 felt a real shift in my personal style and general approach to life. So I wanted somewhere to share my experiences as we worked through the house and to have a platform for some of my work as a stylist. I focus on simple, minimal interior style, muted colour (I’m not a huge fan of brights) and slow living. I seek out the well-made and handcrafted with a story behind them.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Gosh. So many places. Films, magazines. Sometimes just by thinking things through whilst I’m stirring a risotto for dinner. So much can come out of having conversations with yourself (without looking creepy, obviously). I’m pretty committed to Pinterest and manage over 60 boards which keep me busy and provide an instant inspiration hit when I’m having a slow day. Equally it’s just as important to step away from the online world and get outside, with two children I try to do this as much as I can and just enjoy being with them for a while.

Tell us about your typical day…

No day is the same for me, that’s what I love about being freelance. Some days I’m sourcing props or pulling together inspiration for a project from home. Others, I might be out working on location at a shoot, in which case it’s a full on 9 hour day. Generally though, the children come first in the morning, so it’s the usual breakfast, nursery run routine in the morning, then my daughter will nap for an hour or so when I can catch up with emails and admin. Lunch time I pick my son up from nursery and then it’s back to being mum for a few hours unless I have something that needs my attention in which case my husband who also works from home will take over. It’s brilliant to have that flexibility, although if I need to shoot something for the blog then sometimes I can get away with it whilst the kids are in the room. It just takes a little longer! Then I work in the evenings once they’re in bed when I find time to blog. Quite a lot of juggling and I find it really hard to stop working sometimes!

Describe your interior style in three words…

Simple, minimal, muted.

What interior trends do you think will be big this summer?

Plants. In a big way (yes!) Tall, sculptural houseplants and urban jungles. I have nearly 40 plants in our home and I can’t imagine my home without them in it, they make such a difference to the whole feel of a space. Dark walls (specifically matt black) are settling in well too with more of us taking the plunge after the initial reaction in 2014. Summer or not, black is the new white. We have a black wall in our home which is backdrop to a gallery wall and we love it. I’m also noticing a lot of blue/grey coming out in tableware and accessories which I love as an alternative to sweet pastels colours.

What’s in-store for your blog in 2015? Any big projects? 

Curate & Display celebrated its first year last month so I’m hoping to find the time at some point to give it a more permanent rebrand/new look now I’ve settled into it properly. There are still a few rooms in the house that need a proper refresh and style, mainly the children’s room and bathroom. Yikes. I’m also working on a really exciting collaborative project that I’m hoping will be ready to go in September, can’t say too much as this stage but September will be the month to watch for sure.

What’s your home interior style? Give us a sneak peek… 

I love minimal, clean spaces, white walls, natural accessories such as linen and jute, plenty of greenery and a muted colour palette of grey, black, soft pink and perhaps a little dark blue. We work from home so we need to unwind in an environment that isn’t noisy. Nothing too try-hard (you can’t live in a show home) but it feels like you want to kick your shoes off and cosy up under a blanket too.


Do you have a favourite accessory?

I love the white and oak desk lamp in my work space, a gift from my mum for my birthday last year. It has a beautiful shape. I also have to have my coffee in one of the grey Chris Mestdagh beakers by Serax. Such a tactile piece to hold – I want the whole collection!

Finish this sentence: Home is….?   

Home is not bricks and mortar, it’s a feeling you create with the people you love.

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