Fancy ringing the changes around your home for 2018? To provide you with a dash of inspiration and a flurry of ideas, we’ve rounded up seven need-to-know décor trends for the year ahead.

From colours to texture, fabrics and flower arranging (yes, flower arranging), our style team has chipped in with their favourite forecasts along with a little assistance from Pinterest’s Top 100 trends for 2018. Why not take a look and see what floats your boat?

1. Metallic mash-up

Fulton BarstoolMaxiemus Wall ClockSet of 3 Votive HoldersTitus PendantGlobetrotter Coffee Table

Last year’s crush on copper seems to be coming an end and in its wake we’re seeing a more relaxed approach to the use of metallic surfaces around the home. The only rule? Choose a dominant theme and then use contrasting elements for accents and depth. For instance, if your main theme is gold, then you may want to add a splash of brilliance with a chrome lampshade or table top lamp.

2. Max out

Paradise Chandelier | Mimi Chair | Ollena Chair | Harrington Sofa | Celestial Rug | Ibiza Rug

The pared back styling of Scandi look interiors is giving way to more flamboyant expression. Multi-layered colours, sumptuous styling and more than a touch of luxury are key themes in the new maximalist look for home spaces. Extravagant and eccentric, this exciting palette lets you use contrasting prints and patterns to your heart’s content as you dial up your décor.

3. Bone inlay

Clipper Hexagon | Clipper Side Table | Clipper Chest of Drawers

Image credit: Studio McGee

Continuing on the maximalist theme, bone inlay furniture is a great way to add an extra layer of detail and design to functional pieces around the home. Giving your space a well-travelled vibe, bone inlay pieces add a real eye-catching point of detail to any room. With these pieces, you also get the added bonus of two trending themes in one as you work a neutral grey and white interior which is also very 2018.

4. Get your Freakabana on

Orchid in Pot | Metallic Ripple Vases | Glass Embossed Vase

Image credit: The Cut

Flower power takes a whole new shift in 2018 with the arrival of Freakabana. A trendy take on ‘ikebana’ – an ancient and stylised Japanese art of flower arranging – this Pinterest phenomena combines unexpected props alongside the stems, including everyday items such as plastic forks and tin cans. Ugly or beautiful? You decide…

5. Recycling re-imagined

Reclaimed Wood Lamp | Hyatt Canning Sideboard | Mary Rose Sideboard | Winnie Coffee Table

As the world gets to grips with finite resources, we’re seeing more and more furniture and accessories made from re-purposed materials. Everything from plastic bottles to phone screens are being given a new lease of life, all without compromising on the end aesthetic. Wood is one of the earth’s most precious commodities, so it’s great to see how truly unique and beautiful furniture can look made from recycled stock.

6. Statement wall art

Tempest Canvas | Alchemy Canvas | World Map Plaques | Blue Parrot Picture | Timothy Oulton Cards Picture

If you’re doing wall art this year, go big and bold is the message. Carefully curated walls of eclectic imagery are giving way to statement pictures that dominate the space and create a single point of interest. Using 3D installations adds depth and texture or you could just make an impact with the sheer scale of your chosen image.

7. Green velvet

Mercier Snuggler | Teal Cushion | Larsen Chair | Belmont Loveseat | Ellonby Stool

Image credit: Oh Happy Days

Okay, so we’re actually fusing two trends here (green and velvet, in case you didn’t guess). But for us they go together beautifully. Greenery was 2017’s Pantone colour of the year so there’s still green fallout going into 2018. And with sage trending like there’s no tomorrow on Pinterest, green is still good to go we reckon. Which brings us on to velvet: no longer your granny’s go-to fabric, velvet is boho, funky and bang on trend for 2018.

Which trend are you feeling inspired by this year? Discover our latest new arrivals for an up-to-date look.