As the nights get colder and darker, we all long for an interior with a sense of warmth and welcome; a place we can cuddle up for the chilly season ahead.

Whether you’re preparing to host guests over the festive season or just want to create a space where you can relax and unwind with friends and family, we’ve got five simple design tricks to make your home cosy and inviting. What better excuse to stay in?

Embrace winter blues

Azalea Accent Chair

While cool colours aren’t often associated with a warm and welcoming interior, deep, rich shades of blues and greens can actually create an opulent looking room that’s perfect for the colder season.

Look for bold and vibrant shades of navy, royal blue and emerald to add drama and decadence to your living space, whether you add a lick of paint to the walls or introduce a statement accent chair to your room. Then add warm lighting, candles and hints of gold and brass to create an ambient, inviting and Instagram-worthy setting.

Introduce tactile textures

Lewes Bed Frame

Add an enticing feel to your sofa or bed and create the perfect place to cuddle up by mixing a variety of plush textiles and soft fabrics. This is an especially great trick for a guest room where you want to make people feel instantly at home.

Introduce sumptuous, tactile textures such as chunky knits, velvets and faux fur in the form of cushions. Don’t be afraid to pile them up to really increase the cosy factor; perfect for this time of year.

Add extra layers

Gold Mohair Throw

A statement throw can easily transform the look and feel of an interior while also adding an extra layer of warmth (without turning up the heat). When temperatures drop, drape snuggly blankets and throws over sofas, chairs, beds and benches so they’re always on hand.

Alternatively, layer up your sofa with a fluffy rug to help make your seating extra snug.

Consider reclaimed wood

Keeler Side Table

Reclaimed wooden furniture has a cosy rustic look that’s perfect for evoking a cosy log cabin feel.

For a simple update that will turn your interior into an inviting abode, add a reclaimed coffee table, side table or bench. Look for worn woods in warm shades that will create a cosy ski-lodge appeal, especially when coupled with faux fur furnishings and a roaring fire.

Create a warm welcome

Bambury Console Table

Don’t forget that first impressions count. A few simple touches will ensure your hallway sets the scene for an inviting interior and will make guests feel at home the moment they step into your house.

A console table in the hallway, with personal possessions like pictures and decorative accessories, will create a lived-in and welcoming atmosphere. Finally, add a table lamp that will light up your entrance and give off a cosy glow.

With these simple style tips and tricks, you’ll never want to leave home! For more inviting interior inspiration, shop our cosy edit.