The ultimate way to optimise your sleep, as we all know that a good night’s sleep leads to better days, the Doddle Mattress features an array of luxury materials to help you get the best possible rest.


Your new mattress is rolled up and ready to go inside…


Put the mattress on your bed and cut the wrapping


Let the mattress roll out then leave it to ‘rise’ for a couple of hours


Stretch out on your new mattress for the ultimate sleep

The Doddle mattress

Combining hybrid mini springs that are specially designed to mould to your body's micro-pressure points while you sleep, and gel memory foam for a delightful balance of support and cool comfort, the Doddle has been crafted to excel in every aspect, right down to its practical flex memory foam and zoned support foam core that supports airflow and posture, and helps to regulate temperature.

So what's the Doddle secret?

Inside each full depth and full size doddle mattress is a smart blend of four specially developed sleep systems,making it one of the most advanced hybrid mattresses available.

Hybrid mini springs

Designed to work with and support your body’s individual contours, our unique hybrid mini springs adapt as you sleep to help maintain a comfy posture.

Zoned support foam

To create a healthy airflow through your doddle mattress, a pocketed support system sits in the base simultaneously providing ventilation and support.

Hybrid technology

The doddle mattress is ingeniously constructed to work in complete compatibility with your body, making it easier than ever to get the sleep you need to be at your best.

Cool comfort gel

Inside our memory foam, there’s a special ingredient: cool comfort gel. The result? All the pressure relief you would expect from memory foam with natural cooling built-in.