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We’re proud to offer a groundbreaking collection of mattresses from Simba Sleep, available in a range of sizes from single to double to super king. A Simba mattress is a mattress made with aWe’re proud to offer a groundbreaking collection of mattresses from Simba Sleep, available in a range of sizes from single to double to super king. A Simba mattress is a mattress made with a difference. Precisely engineered to ensure a wonderfully cool and cushioned sleep, each one features cutting-edge technologies that achieve absolute comfort all night long. With three different mattresses to choose from – the Original Hybrid, the Pro and the Luxe – you can select the perfect level of support to suit your needs. Simba’s unique hybrid mattress is made up of carefully constructed layers that work together to ensure optimum air flow, temperature regulation, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer. Join more than 1 million happy UK customers, and start enjoying your best night’s sleep on a divine Simba mattress. ...

Find your perfect Simba mattress

The Original


Simba's first Hybrid® design, a unique take on a typical cool foam mattress. A mix of innovative micro-springs & cushioning foam.

Bestselling Comfort


A step up from the Hybrid® Original, the Pro offers double the pressure relief and cooler, more tailored support.

Luxury Comfort


A luxurious level up from the Pro, the Luxe has an incredible eleven layers. And triple the spring count.

Simba Hybrid® PILLOW

The innovative Nanocube® inner pillow allows the Hybrid Pillow to be adjusted to your preferred height. Featuring a soft outer sleeve of Simba Renew Bio™ and a cotton cover with Stratos® 'cool-touch' tech.


A soothing blend of lightweight, non-clammy warmth and down-like softness. Featuring airy Simba Renew Bio™ and Stratos® 'cool-touch' tech.


Designed to protect and prolong the life of your mattress, whilst the breatable cotton and cushioning adds extra comfort. Featuring an anti-dust mite treatment.

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Made in THE UK


10 Year Guarantee



Award-winning Simba Sleep uses innovation and expertise to design high-tech, affordable mattresses, targeting the most common causes of poor sleep: overheating, aches and pains, and partner disturbance. It took over 70 prototypes (and the body profiles from over 10 million sleepers), but they came up with their first game-changing, Hybrid mattress design in 2016, based on their exclusive, patented tech: titanium-alloy Aerocoil® micro springs for tailored support, and graphite-infused Simbatex ® foam, designed for cooler, fresher sleep. All Simba mattresses are made in the UK, by experienced mattress makers using springs from Leeds and airy foam from Middleton.

All of Simba’s cutting-edge Hybrid® mattresses feature Aerocoil® springs. Designed to offer full body support and remarkable pressure relief, these titanium alloy springs are the perfect foundation for luxurious comfort.

They work in three ways:

Contour: each spring compresses independently in response to your body. They’re also zoned for optimal pressure relief and support.

Cool: the springs work together to push fresh air through the mattress as they compress, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Control: with a unique conical shape, the springs compress inwards as opposed to outwards, which reduces motion transfer if sharing with a partner.

The original mattress features one layer of Aerocoil® springs, the Pro mattress features two layers, and the Luxe mattress features three layers.

Visit a Simba specialist in one of our stores.

Experience the comfort of a Simba mattress at our in-store galleries. Our expert Simba ambassadors will help you to choose the perfect mattress feel for you, to guarantee a perfect night’s sleep.


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What is special about a Simba Mattress?

  • A unique Hybrid® design.

    You won't find anything else quite like it. Tailored support that you only get from Simba's patented springs + cool cushioning courtesy of Simba's innovative foam.

  • Expert knowledge.

    Simba mattresses are designed by sleep scientists and specialist engineers, based upon body data from more than 10 million sleepers and 70 prototypes. What could be better than that?

  • Trusted. Loved.

    Simba has won more than 60 industry awards. They're also the most five-star rated mattress brand in the world, helping well over a million people sleep better. That's pretty impressive!

  • Reduced foam usage.

    Simba mattresses use 60% less foam than the standard, without compromising on comfort. Their unique ‘No roll-off’ SupportCore® sprung unit and recycled ReGen™ base ensures edge to edge comfort.

  • Practical comfort.

    Simba Hybrid® mattresses come complete with anti-allergy covers, featuring a knitted zip-off top surface for easy washing (with the exception of the Essential). This protective cover shields inner layers, while being soft and breathable.

  • UK sourced. UK made.

    Sima champions British craftsmanship, with hand assembly taking place in Manchester, titanium alloy micro springs sourced from Leeds and airy foam layers from Middleton.

  • No mattresses to landfill.

    Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable, which is great news for the environment. Simba also offers a not-for-profit mattress removal and recycling service. They'll take any brand, any size, with no purchase required.
  • How firm are Simba Mattresses?

    Every Simba Mattress is labelled ‘medium firm’. There are no universal industry rating systems, so Simba based their mattress design on independent studies that show medium firm is the best level of firmness for sleep quality and comfort.

    Do Simba Mattresses suit every shape, size and sleep position?

    It would seem so! Simba is the most five-star rated mattress brand in the world. This achievement is largely due to the fact that their unique Hybrid® mattress technology is designed to feel perfectly comfortable to everyone, whatever their shape or sleeping style.

    Simba strikes a perfect balance between providing ergonomic pressure relief and correct alignment for your spine. Simba’s signature tech gives the feeling of being cradled in the upper layers, followed by perfect spinal support in the base layers.