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Immediate Furniture Delivery
Berkshire Reclaimed Wood Large Desk
£795.00 £675.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Villiers Reclaimed Wood Large Pedestal Desk
£795.00 £675.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Keeler Office Desk with 5+1 drawers
£685.00 £615.00
Jorge Workbench Desk
£889.00 £749.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Berkshire Reclaimed Wood Single Pedestal Office Desk, white
£589.00 £499.00
Villiers Reclaimed Wood Single Pedestal Desk
£589.00 £499.00
Villiers Reclaimed Wood Double Pedestal Desk
£885.00 £749.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Verberie Reclaimed Wood Office Desk
£825.00 £699.00
Astoria Metal Office Desk with 2 Swing Seats
£2255.00 £1499.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Halmstad Office Desk, Concrete and Walnut
£445.00 £399.00
Luka Glass And Metal Desk, White
£649.00 £549.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Ajax Glass and Metal Office Desk
£165.00 £139.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Blackhawk Valkyrie Desk, Spitfire
£2275.00 £1815.00
Oregon Desk, Mid burnt oak
£779.00 £599.00
Timothy Oulton Globetrekker Desk, Aero
£2775.00 £2635.00
Timothy Oulton Hudson Desk, Fury Black and Shiny Brass
£5375.00 £4599.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Blackhawk Desk, Spitfire
£2475.00 £2225.00
Halmstad Corner Desk, Concrete and Walnut
£355.00 £315.00
Riva 1920 Elle Ecrit Walnut Desk, Jamie Durie
£4265.00 £3595.00
Tonelli Penrose
Ligne Roset Hyannis Port Desk
Timothy Oulton Streamline Office Desk
£1725.00 £1379.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Cowling Desk
£1850.00 £1479.00
Timothy Oulton Castaway Metal Desk
£3550.00 £2839.00
Cattelan Italia Qwerty Office Desk, White & Black
Ligne Roset Tanis Desk
Ligne Roset Ursuline Designer Office Desk
Gallotti & Radice President Junior Curved desk
Gallotti & Radice President Senior Curved desk
Gallotti & Radice President Scrivania Desk

Whether you work from home or study at home, you need a space where you can be productive and comfortable. If you’re looking to update your study so that you have a dedicated area to concentrate and be productive, you'll find the perfect desk at Barker and Stonehouse.

We have home a wide range of office desks that will give you extra space as well as clever storage.

From corner desks and modular desks to single and double pedestal desks, we have designs to suit different tastes and interiors. Our curved desks will bring a sense of space and prestige to your room and our glass desks will provide a distinctive and unique feel. By choosing a traditional wooden desk you can create a classic feel, worthy of famous authors.

Many of our home office products are made by popular designers and part of a larger home office furniture collection to ensure that you have a work space to be proud of.