A sumptuous sofa is key to creating a great living space, but we think it's the humble coffee table that is the heart of the living room. Whether large or small, a coffee table is both practical and stylish, bringing together the look of a room and offering a place to put your cuppa while you relax in front of the TV.

While you probably put a lot of thought into the look of your coffee table, what about the way it's styled? With the right elements, a coffee table can be transformed from a blank canvas to a stunning centrepiece.

If your table has become a dumping ground for magazines, remotes and everything else, read our simple styling tips to create a fabulous display.

Stick to a theme

Is your living space modern and minimal, retro-inspired or rustic? Your coffee table should reflect your room's style, so choose pieces in colours and materials that will complement your decor.

If you like contemporary interiors, look for sleek and simple objects, metallic finishes and monochrome colours. For an eclectic space, combine different colours, patterns and texture to create a quirky look.

Group items together on a base

The best coffee tables bring together an array of decorative items that add personality and reflect your home style. To keep the look organised, place smaller  items on a tray or a dish. This will create the illusion of a well-planned tablescape rather than a random collection of ornaments.

Add a little height

When styling your coffee table, it's important to have some taller or larger items to balance out smaller items and prevent it from looking too flat. Add dimension with a tall plant, a vase or a decorative bottle.

Glass pieces are perfect for adding height, as their transparency means that even larger items won’t appear too bulky.

Include some natural elements

Greenery brings a room to life, and is essential for any coffee table. Whether it's a house plant or a bouquet of artificial flowers in a vase, make sure to add a hint of nature to your styling.

Fruit (whether real or fake) also works if you want to add a unusual nature-inspired element to your design.

Books & ornaments add interest

Books and magazines are perfect for the coffee table. Not only can you stack them up to create a base for other items, but they will provide some interesting reading for guests.

Finally, complete your table with a few quirky trinkets and ornaments. Whether it's an antique find or an item you've picked up on your travels, these finishing touches will add character and create a talking point.

Styling a coffee table should be fun. After all, it's easy to move items around and change up your look whenever you want. You can even create a themed tablescape for special occasions and seasons, such as Christmas and Easter.

Top Coffee Table Picks

Here are our six favourite coffee tables that are perfect for styling.

1 - Lund Oak Coffee Table

2 - Caspian Solace Reclaimed Coffee Table

3 - Greenwich Round Coffee Table

4 - Oakham Coffee Table

5 - Glaston Coffee Table

6 - Little Tree Riya Reclaimed Coffee Table