Our newest brand comes to us all the way from Italy. Located on the coast of Lombardy, Riva 1920 have been creating contemporary Italian furniture since 1920.

The Riva 1920 story began in the town of Canterbury in Brianza, where Nino Romano started building furniture by hand in a small workshop.

While the company has grown from its roots over time, Riva 1920 furniture is still beautifully crafted by skilled carpenters using traditional techniques. This guarantees quality and timeless style.

Solid Wood Furniture

As well as appealing to the style conscious, Riva 1920 is a brand with an environmental focus who aim to preserve out natural surroundings.

Every single piece of furniture is made exclusively out of solid wood from controlled reforestation areas. A variety of woods are used, from maple and cherry to oak and walnut. Each piece undergoes detailed tests to verify quality and functionality and is finished with oil and natural wax, to guarantee of a 100% natural product.

The company also reclaim and reuse old sources of wood such as the thousand-year old Kauri from New Zealand, Briccole of Venice and the scented cedar from Lebanon.

Kauri - The Kauri is the native biggest and most famous tree of New Zealand, and also the oldest wood in the world. Grown in the Jurassic Period, these giant trees have been cut down by enormous natural disasters more than 50 thousand years ago and have remained buried under meters of mud. Logs are brought to light again, ready to be transformed into unique design pieces.

Briccole - The Briccole come from Venice; they lead the boats and mark the Lagoon low tide and are periodically replaced due to wear. Made unique by shipworms, Briccole are transformed into exclusive pieces of furniture with special character.

Cedarwood - Fallen due to natural events or cut down for programmed schedule, Cedarwood logs are transformed into a design object by Riva 1920, who sand and finish them by hand. This wood has an unmistakable scent.

Italian Craftsmanship

What makes Riva 1920 so special is the attention to detail and expert craftsmanship displayed in each piece.

Manufacturing techniques related to cabinet making tradition have been refined and passed down through the generations.

This artisan level of production exceeds standard design thanks to the expert hands of highly skilled carpenters and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

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Discover our collection of Riva 1920 furniture that will add a touch of authentic Italian flair to your home.