The style of the past provides a wealth of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home. From classic art deco influences to vintage sixties prints, retro decor can bring a timeless quality to an interior.

‘Mid century modern’ has risen in popularity in recent years, to become one of the most sought-after home trends around. Combining the clean lines and sophisticated style of the 1950s and 1960s with a fresh and contemporary twist, the look is perfect for modern homes.

Myers Snuggler Chair | Copper Floor Lamp

Luckily, the mid century modern look is easy to achieve, whether you want to dedicate your whole home to this style or just add a few retro accents to your interior.

Here are some simple tips and advice to help you get the mid century modern look.

Natural Wood Finishes

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel and Alpha Smoot

Mid century furniture was most often made from solid woods in warm shades such as teak, walnut, oak and rosewood. Before the era of flat-packed furniture, tables, chairs and sideboards were carefully crafted by hand for a high quality build.

To transform your home into a mid century marvel, look for well built pieces in natural wooden finishes.

The Lund 3 Section Sideboard is perfect for a mid century modern home. Finished in oak with a clear lacquer finish that enhances the natural grain, it features a simple but stylish retro-inspired shape.

Retro Shapes

Ercol Originals Loveseat | Ercol Originals Barstool

Mid century furniture has a distinctive look that’s easily identifiable today. Straight lines and architectural elements are accented by smooth, curved shapes. Tables and chairs often featured splayed legs and rounded corners, and items rarely had any fancy details or ornamentation.

To add some mid century flair to your home, choose minimalist designs with rounded corners and retro-inspired angles. Ercol furniture is ideal for this look; founded in the 1920’s, Ercol became a household favourite throughout the mid century.

We love the Ercol Originals Retro Coffee Table and the Nest of 3 Tables, available in black or natural wood.

Bold Sofas

Juni Sofa

Create a statement centrepiece in a mid century modern-inspired living room with a bold sofa.

The Juni Sofa oozes mid century style, in bright Riva Marine blue with angled wooden legs and a clean silhouette. Geometric scatter cushions add a contemporary edge.

Another of our top picks is the Myers Sofa, a popular choice for retro style enthusiasts. Blending the past and present, the Myers boasts beautiful curves, a button back and a classic grey fabric finish.

Pops of Colours

Images by My Scandinavian Home and Fat Cat Brussels

Homes of the mid century often featured plain white or neutral walls, which allowed the perfectly crafted furniture to really shine. Saturated colours such as orange, red and blue were popular at this time, but were usually reserved for furniture and accessories.

To get the look, keep your decor simple, but add pops of colour with eye-catching furniture and accessories in primary hues.

Bring colour into your dining room with the iconic Kartell Comeback Chair in red, a mid century classic. The Kartell Maui Chair is available in a rainbow of colour options; try mixing two or three colours for a striking appeal.

Statement Lighting

Finally, add the perfect finishing touch with retro lighting. Mid century lighting was all about drama and sculptural shapes that double as art forms – think curved floor lamps, starburst pendants and bubble lights.


Light up a mid century room with the stunning Starburst Ceiling Light.

Alternatively, the Giraffe Floor Lamp features a retro curved design that’s perfect for placing in the corner of a room, where it will hang stylishly over a seating area.

Are you a fan of retro-inspired interiors? For more inspiration, discover our Mid Century Modern Pinterest board.