Wouldn’t you love to start the new year with a new look bedroom? With January being a tight month for many though, investing in a better boudoir may not be top of your to-do list. But fear not. We’re here with some amazing money-saving ways to refresh and re-energise your sleeping space for the year ahead…

Why begin in the bedroom?

We spend about a third of our life asleep – so one way or another, that’s a lot of time in the bedroom. It’s not just the place where we snooze, either. A well designed bedroom is the perfect zone to chill, chat, read and catch up on some TV. Throw in breakfast in bed now and again and we’re clocking up some serious bedroom hours here. So doesn’t it make sense to get the setting just right?

Shop smart, sleep beautifully

To get you going and make things as easy as possible, we’ve put together some amazing bedroom bundles, each containing some key essentials needed to transform your bedroom into a co-ordinated and restful haven. Our SmartShop range offers a selection of matching bedroom sets, so you can get your new look underway in one easy go.

As well as being easy on the eye, these smart sets are easy on the pocket too. We’ve negotiated some great deals with our suppliers and then added a multi-buy discount of our own. So whichever design you choose, you could soon be enjoying a fresh take on bedtime for a lot less than you expected…

So, which SmartShop bedroom will you be sleeping in?

Somerton Range

The soft grey finish on the surface of this co-ordinated threesome lends a gentle French country cottage feel, bringing a rustic charm to your sleep space. Click to shop the Somerton bedroom set.

Vielle Range

Effortlessly combining classic lines with contemporary styling, the Vielle bedroom set brings an understated elegance and storage galore to any bedroom. Finished in a neutral putty colour for a versatile look.

Eskdale Range

A soft linen finish echoes the feel of crisp bed sheets, making the Eskdale bedroom set the perfect partner for your bedroom as it brings an all-encompassing restful feel.

Carisbrooke Range

If you love the country cottage look, then the Carisbrooke bedroom set is the one for you. Beautifully simple – with a concealed mirror in the tallboy – it adds charm and calm to your room.

Buttons Range

Don’t forget about the kids! Children will love the playful button handles which give the Buttons bedroom set its name and adults will love the ample storage it provides. Win win!

Bedroom Decorating Hacks

If you want to get even more from your bedroom budget, we’ve got some tips that will help you to create a savvy sleep space without spending a fortune.

Need more space? Try putting a mirror behind your bedroom lamp to give the impression of a brighter and more spacious room.

Storage shortage? A wall-mounted shelf or pin board can take up dead space, provide essential storage to display bits and bobs.

Floorboards or carpet? A large rug gives you the best of both worlds – and by going big you make the room appear larger too (small rugs can create a disjointed feel).

Low on height? If your bedroom lacks height, a chandelier can redress the balance by catching the eye and lifting the gaze.

Patterned or plain? Whichever direction you go, make sure you keep a constant accent colour or theme, so you can mix and match without clashing

For more bedroom inspiration, discover our range of stylish bedroom furniture.