As your children grow from toddlers to young teenagers, their bedroom needs and individual tastes will evolve over time. Often it will be the kids themselves that first decide they’re too grown up for their rooms, which gives parents a great excuse for a clear out and total revamp.

However, redesigning a child or young teenager’s room isn’t always the easiest of jobs, especially as they are prone to changing the minds so frequently. A great way to combat this is to involve them more in the process and even let them pick some of the items themselves; the more input they have, the longer they will love the room.

With so many elements to consider, though from beds and furniture to accessories and flooring, the project can appear a little daunting. This is why our extensive collection of children’s bedroom ranges have been selected to provide a wealth of design options to suit any child’s taste. Sure to inspire their imaginations and encourage bedtime, our ranges are as practical as they are attractive meaning that every child, from the perfect princess to the adventurous rascal, can find a style that’s right for them.

Jools Saar Bed in White Jools Saar Bed

Choosing a Bed

Making kids go to bed on time is never an easy task for any parent, however investing in a bed that spurs their imagination will help create a more fun and pleasant evening for everyone involved!

From bunk beds to mid sleepers as well as single frame options, a well-designed bed can also have a multifunctional aspect such as our Urban High Sleeper range. Featuring a sturdy wooden frame, single bed, ladder, comfy extending futon and an in-built desk, this design meets all sleeping and playing needs.

The Jools Saar Bed offers an enchanting design that incorporates 2 bi-fold hinged doors and a window, allowing this bed to also double up as the perfect play den.

Urban - Highsleeper 2 Urban High Sleeper 2

Keep your kids forever entertained with our dual use Mondo Storage Sleeper. Its snazzy rising bed feature creates a perfect space for a secret den or more practically, it creates a fun approach to storage – as when the bed lifts it reveals useful shelves and drawers that are great for housing toys and games.

Mondo Storage Sleeper

Selecting Bedroom Furniture

Sticking to neutral tones and simple designs for furniture is often the best strategy for redesigning a child’s bedroom as this often fails to age or fall out of fashion. With tastes susceptible to change, opting for neutral furniture means that bolder colours can be introduced through soft furnishings and decorating. Therefore the overall look can be adapted over time and more importantly at a minimal cost to you.

Our Jools range is the ideal option for this, fashioning tones of grey and white, these trendy pieces are perfect for any room.

Jools Desk

Jools Kluis Cabinet

Jools Desk

The Jools Kluis Cabinet is an understated but chic addition to any kid’s bedroom as it will remain a trendy storage space as they continue to grow.

Boasting 2 Doors with 2 separate compartments both with 4 internal shelves, this Scandinavian style furniture will hopefully encourage children to pick up clothes and toys and actually tidy up for once! The Jools desk is also the ideal addition as they age and get set homework. With its multiple drawers and spacious surface, kids can store away textbooks and have a dedicated place to concentrate and hopefully aid the desire to work.

Adding Accessories

As with all rooms it’s the finishing touches that really count and accessories are a fantastic way of injecting bold colour into a kid’s bedroom. The Funk Rug is perfect for adding a splash of vibrancy but is also practical as it add that extra soft layer to protect little ones’ knees when playing on the floor. Storage is always key in a kid’s room so why not select our Retro Suitcases for a much needed colour insertion.

Retro Suitcases

Retro Suitcases

As well as cushions and throws, another great way to create a playful atmosphere in your child’s bedroom is by adding some fun artwork to the walls. This can include the kids own arty handiwork or look to on-trend designs such as our Sofie Rolfsdotter Flamingo print.