By Emma Hughes

When the weather gets warmer, it means only one thing. It’s time to transform your garden into the perfect space for outdoor gatherings. Happy hour anyone?

There’s no better feeling than relaxing in a beautiful garden, surrounded by good friends, rustic fire pits and luscious greenery. What if we told you that we have all the design inspiration, tips, and tricks to create an outdoor haven in your back garden?

Garden Bar Ideas

Follow our seven garden bar ideas, and your outdoor space will become the go-to hot spot for a refreshing beverage this summer.

In this article:

1. Choose a garden bar theme

The options for an outdoor garden bar are endless – choose a theme that matches your décor. Why not opt for a fun Tiki bar, with rattan furniture and bamboo accessories? Serve tropical drinks and your guests will feel like they’re on holiday.

For something understated and elegant, a simple free-standing bar could do the trick. Consider a rustic wooden table, or a funky tiled centre piece – mix and match colours to suit your garden aesthetic.

2. Set the mood

Whether you’re having an intimate evening for two, entertaining family, or hosting a party, lighting can create the perfect ambience for any occasion. You want to keep it cosy and warm for a welcoming feel.

Spruce up your garden with lanterns or adorn your pergola with twinkling fairy lights that glisten like fireflies when the sun sets. Enjoy balmy nights sitting outside long past dusk in your illuminated bar garden.

3. Create a seating area

Comfortable seating is essential to relax and unwind with your guests.

Refresh your garden with the latest outdoor furniture trends. Corner sets are stylish and practical as they can seat more guests comfortably – meaning you don’t need to invest in as many pieces.

If you’re short for space, garden stools can be tucked away out of sight when you need space for dancing, but still look the part in your garden bar oasis.

4. Experiment with storage

Get creative with different ways to store your alcohol and cocktail making equipment. Sleek rattan storage boxes look sophisticated and can store supplies that don’t need to be kept cool. Or you could upgrade your garden bar with an ice bucket side table, or cushioned box that can double up as a seat – perfect for saving space.

The type of bar you choose can also help you to factor in how to store the essentials for your next gathering.

Upcycled potting bench

A potting bench features an abundance of storage possibilities. Instead of storing seeds, repurpose the space and use the flat surface to prepare the perfect iced drink.

Bar cart

Invest in a bar cart. Not only is a portable cart great for gardens with limited space, but it also adds a stylish touch to your outdoor décor. A serving table could be the perfect addition for flexible five-star hospitality.

Wall-mounted bar

Ideal for small outdoor spaces, a wall-mounted bar looks chic while taking up minimal space in your garden. A wall-mounted bar is perfect for balconies or courtyards – all you need is a wall to attach your new bar to.

Transform your shed

Give your shed a spring clean and turn it into a stylish bar for the perfect speakeasy effect. All you need is a selection of drinks, a tray to serve your classy cocktails on, a couple of bar stools and you’re good to go!

5. Get cosy

Bring elements of your home outside with soft furnishings so you can keep the party going when it gets cool. Blankets, cushions and throws are the perfect accessories. Not only will this decorate your bar garden, but it’ll show off your personality and create balance. Check out our blog on how to create harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces for more tips on this.

Outdoor rugs can make your garden feel more homely and colourful plant pots can add a simple, but decorative touch to your entertaining space.

6. Light a fire to keep your garden bar warm

Nothing creates ambience like a flickering fire. Not only will a chimenea keep your guests warm and cosy, but it’ll also act as a beautiful centrepiece for your outdoor space. Invest in garden furniture with a built-in fire pit – your guests can sip their drinks while admiring the dancing flames.

7. Invest in decking or patio

If you’re looking to create the ultimate bar experience in your own outdoor space, consider landscaping your garden to match. Invest in wooden decking to create a homely spot for you and your loved ones to relax in. Or, design a stone bar that matches your patio for a beautiful statement.

For more garden bar ideas shop our full range of garden furniture online today.