A kid’s bedroom is a truly multifunctional space. Besides being a den to hang out in, it’s a playground, studio, theatre, pirate ship, dance academy…you name it and chances are your child is already there.  Who knows, with any luck, they may even use it to sleep in.

Small people, tall order…

In short, creating your child’s bedroom can be a pretty tall order. Whereas the nursery was a twinkly lovely place where your baby was kept cosy and snug, graduating to the next level is a little more complicated. The general brief being: ‘Please create a little island hideaway from all that grown-up stuff where my imagination can run wild. Oh, and friends have got to love sleeping over there too.’ So, no pressure then.

At this stage, you also want to your child’s room to reflect their interests, personality and view on life. It needs to be somewhere that feels like their own and they really enjoy being in. So everything from colours to content needs careful consideration. A quick survey around parents at Barker and Stonehouse revealed that mum and dad put more thought into little people’s rooms than virtually any other in the house. And around here, that’s going some!

With our help, it’s child’s play

Perhaps that’s why we’ve put careful consideration into our children’s bedroom ranges. Whether you’ve got a Little Miss Tidy or a Mr Daydream on your hands, we’ve a range of bedroom styles and accessories that are specially designed to work for all types. To make things fun, we’ve matched up bedroom styles with who we think they would suit – along with a complementary colour scheme. So you can so you can see which one best suits your very own little darlings…

Trendy Bunk Bed

Features: the Trendy Bunk Bed features cotton curtains to create that hideaway den feel.

Suits: a little person with a big imagination who can turn the curtained-off bed section into anything from a palace to a patrol car. Also great for sociable types who love having a friend over from time to time. Perfect for bedtime and playtime

Room colour: try pink and purple accents with this one. Colour therapists associate it with creativity, wisdom and inspiring sensitivity.

Style with: this adorable cloud cushion, to give them sweet dreams at bed time.

Kenzie Cabin Bed

Features: lots of storage and a choice of colour combinations.

Suits: the toy junky who has heaps of stuff they just love to play with on a daily basis. No snag handles on the cupboard doors means nothing needs to get in the way of whatever their imagination can conjure up. Perfect for play – ideal for ‘away’.

 Room colour: blue is calming and soothing and provides a pacifying vibe – which can help to keep children calm when playing together.

Style with: a starry storage basket to hide away everything from clothes to toys.

Rylie Midsleeper

Features: the Rylie Midsleeper has a handy tuck-away desk and lots of storage.

Suits: a budding artist who needs space to create and store paper, paints, pens and all the paraphernalia needed to assemble their latest project. Just the thing for kids who love to express themselves – and grown-ups who like to keep things tidy.

Room colour: orange is believed by experts to generate feelings of confidence and independence, whilst offering a warm and welcoming social setting for friends.

Style with: a fun and funky rug for a splash of colour.

Urban Highsleeper 2

Features: The Urban Highsleeper 2 bed features a roll-out futon and built-in gaming/work station.

Suits: the cool kid who puts a lot of store by style – but still likes to have friends over and relax playing games or just generally kicking back in a room that’s as hip as they are. Great for homework and homies.

Room colour: A neutral colour scheme has been found to help with reading and comprehension development.

Style with: a metal desk lamp to help with homework, or moody lighting when listening to music.


Stim Bunk Bed

Features: the Stim Bed has handy hidden storage and two beds in one.

Suits: any child whose room is on the small side. This clever design gives Tardis like qualities to compact spaces. Two beds are perfect for sharing siblings, and there’s plenty of storage including a cupboard, drawer, shelf and hanging rail, which means clothes, books and DVDs need never be on the floor (in theory anyway!)

Room colour: light cool colours can help any small space seem a little larger, especially when contrasted to provide depth.

Style with: these stylish suitcases for a retro-inspired touch. Also available in bright colours.

We hope that’s given you some food for thought on creating the ideal bedroom for your child. Take a look at our kids bedroom furniture range for even more inspiration and ideas…