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Armchair Styles Buying Guide

Words by Emma Hughes

October 14, 2023



Armchair Styles Buying Guide

Finding the right sofa may be important but we can’t forget about the accompanying armchair. It’s the final jigsaw piece of the room, connecting everything together and offering a comfy spot for that surprise guest or a place for the cat to nap after a hard day of…napping.

There are plenty of armchair styles to choose from to complement the décor in your room, whether you want to complete a look or throw in a wild card to jazz things up.

Discover the different styles of armchair available, what to consider when buying one and how to find the perfect seat for your space.


What armchair styles are available?

Whether you’re blessed with a room with high ceilings or you’re working with limited space, we’ve featured some of our favourite armchair designs that you’ll love to sink into.


Where to feature an armchair in your home

Armchairs aren’t just for the living room! Consider some of our recommendations and enjoy a little comfort throughout your home.

Social seating in the living room

An armchair is of course a great extra seat. Dress it up with a throw over the arm and cushions when not in use. We recommend opting for an accent chair to create a focal feature alongside your sofa, or perhaps an inviting snuggle chair if you have the room.

A chair for baby snuggles in the nursery

Whether you need a comfortable place to feed your baby and read them a bedtime story or simply a spot for cuddles, an armchair in the nursery is essential. A wingback armchair will provide back support for feeds, while a snuggle chair will give you the perfect space for those late-night baby cuddles. We recommend a material that wipes clean such as leather, just in case there’s any spit up!

A dressing area in the bedroom

Add an armchair near the wardrobe so you have somewhere to sit while putting on your socks, or tuck it under your beauty table for a comfortable seat to style your hair. Just avoid letting it become a hanging place for clothes and random things that need putting away! A stylish boucle chair is a good option to add an instantly modern vibe to your sleeping space.

A reading chair in the office

Every office needs an armchair – somewhere you can take a break away from your screen and desk. Whether you’re browsing the newspaper or tucking into a good book, a tub chair is ideal. Nestled in a corner beside a bookcase, you can comfortably sit back and enjoy a well-deserved break.

What to consider when buying an armchair

How to measure for an armchair

Get the perfect armchair to fit your space by measuring the area and furniture correctly.

Here’s how to measure up for your armchair:

1. Measure the width – take measurements from the widest points, usually arm to arm.
2.Measure the height – take measurements from the back of the armchair to the highest point.
3.Measure the depth – take measurements from the outside edge to the back.

Once you have these numbers, you’ll be able to see if it will fit in the space you have. Keep in mind that some chairs like recliners will need a little more space.

Frequently asked questions

What types of upholstered arms can an armchair have?

There are a few different styles of arms on armchairs including:

English Roll Arm – a low arm with a curve, typically found on country style furniture.
Lawson Arm – a rolled arm with front pleating.
Sock Arm – similar to a Lawson arm but without the pleating.
Track Arm – has a flat top and flat parallel sides.

What are the arms of an armchair called?

The arm of an armchair is also known as an armrest and is designed to support your elbow and forearm. Armrests come in different shapes and sizes. The tub chair doesn’t have distinctive arms and has solid-fit arms which also form the back.

How long should an armchair last?

If you take care of your armchair and it’s made of high-quality material, it could last between 7 and 15 years. Wear and tear could appear sooner than this, but how long it lasts will ultimately depend on how much it’s used.

What is an accent chair used for?

An accent chair is used to add a focal point to a room and to introduce an extra layer of character. Accent chairs are usually more decorative and stand out from other pieces of furniture but can be used to tie a room together with the right choice of colour and material.

Should a sofa and armchair match?

While they can match, they don’t have to. You could have them match in other ways, by choosing similar material and colour, or you can opt for a contrast to add even more flair to a room.

Learn more about armchairs and sofas

Explore our full range of armchairs and find the perfect armchair style for any room in your home.

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