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5 Reasons to Invest in a Rug

Words by Emma Hughes

February 09, 2023



5 Reasons to Invest in a Rug

Rugs. They don't get enough credit.

From their good looks to their practical properties, we really believe a rug can make a room. And here are five reasons you should too...

1. Warmth and cosiness

Layers of soft furnishings will not only bring depth to your interior look, but can also help to warm the space up and make it feel more cosy.

This is especially true of properties with hardwood flooring – but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy a good rug if you have carpet throughout your home. Opinions are divided on this topic. Our view? The more layers the better!

2. Comfort

Love to go barefoot? Your toes will be in for a treat! Especially if you invest in a rug for your bedroom.

Some of us just love the feel of a cushy carpet underfoot, but many opt for the more modern and practical choice of laminate, tiles or vinyl. Add a rug and you’ve got the ideal compromise!

3. Protect or revive your flooring

Whether you’ve just had some fancy new flooring fitted and want to shield it from harm, or your old flooring could do with an update – the perfect solution is the perfect rug.

If you have a carpeted floor, you may consider layering a hardwearing rug on top which can be easily cleaned or repaired if needed. A much quicker and cheaper alternative to replacing your whole carpet should an accident occur.


4. Add colour and pattern

A rug is a quick and easy way to add some vibrancy to your space, or to introduce a new colour or style trend when you feel like changing things up.

Rugs are also great for rental properties, as they allow you to bring personality into your home when you aren’t able to redecorate.

5. Tie an area together

Rugs are great for zoning, which is ideal if you have an open plan interior. For instance, a rug placed beneath your dining table helps to separate it from the kitchen area and create a distinction between the two spaces.

Equally, a rug can be used to make your home feel more put together. If matched to your other soft furnishings – such as curtains, cushions and lampshades – the right rug can really add the finishing touch to your room.


What is the best way to clean your rug?

Your approach totally depends on the material you’ve chosen. If this is important to you, we’d advise that you thoroughly research the type of rug you’re looking for. Some rugs are more durable and may be cleaned with household products, such as polypropylene rugs. Others, like wool or sheepskin, will require specialist care.

Do rugs help with heat?

Rugs can help to keep rooms warm, particularly those with exposed floorboards which could let in a draught during colder months. You can even consider doubling up on rugs, for a lovely layered effect.

Can your rug be smaller than your couch?

This is entirely down to personal preference. If you're considering purchasing a rug that is smaller than your sofa, why not map the area out with sheets of paper or cardboard first to check the positioning?

Which rug is best for a living room?

Consider the positioning of your living room rug first, and whether it will be subject to a lot of footfall. If your rug will be placed in a pathway you’ll want to find something hardwearing. Whereas a rug that sits beneath your sofa and is only partially visible won’t be subject to as much wear and tear.

What colour rug goes with a grey sofa?

Fortunately, grey sofas are super versatile, which is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Interest in green rugs has soared in recent times, and we don’t see the trend going anywhere soon. Blue rugs also look great with a grey sofa – why not try a sophisticated navy tone, paired with matching cushions?

Whatever your style or circumstances, we have a high-quality rug to suit.

Check out our full range online today, featuring a wide selection of materials, colours and styles.

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