Everyone knows the difference Barker and Stonehouse can make to your home. But did you know we’re also making a big difference to sustainable forestry and tree numbers?

Making a difference,
one tree at a time

From sumptuous sofas to elegant beds and adorable accessories, Barker and Stonehouse are big believers in all things beautiful.

With us, however, beauty goes more than skin deep. Wherever and whenever possible, we try to put sustainability and environmental wellbeing at the heart of what we do.

Which is why, back in 2008, Barker and Stonehouse was delighted to provide the funding and support needed to launch Trees4Trees.

Since then, this ground-breaking initiative, based in and around the forests of Indonesia, has led the way timber is being grown and sourced for furniture. On top of that, it’s breathed new life into the communities who sow, grow and harvest the trees.

So how is it funded?

Trees4Trees is funded in a variety of ways. Barker and Stonehouse, for instance, is one of a growing number of companies whose donations go towards replacing trees used in manufacturing and supporting forest communities. Other funding comes from businesses wishing to offset CO2 production and sponsorship of specific projects, such as school programmes.

Replenishing the forest

The principle behind Trees4Trees is simple: for every tree used, an average of just over two more are planted. That way, the forest carries on being a sustainable source of timber for generation after generation.

This constant cycle of new trees not only offsets CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, it provides a vibrant eco-structure for a rich diversity of other flora and fauna. Not to mention preventing topsoil being washed away into rivers and lakes. The environment, however, isn’t the only winner...

Helping local communities flourish

Working closely with neighbouring communities, Trees4Trees shows how sustainable management of the forest can be an on-going source of prosperity and income for local people. Here’s how it works:

Free seedlings of high value tree species, such as teak, mango and mahogany, are distributed to local farmers and landowners for planting.

With expert hands-on training, tree-growers learn sustainable forestry management skills.

Crucial awareness and education programmes in primary schools ensure that from an early age, forest welfare plays an important role in local life.

So when people buy any of our Trees4Trees furniture, they know it’s not just from a sustainable source, but also one which treats people fairly and ethically.

See the trees you helped plant

See the trees you helped plant

Thanks to an advanced World Identification Number system, customers are able to enjoy more than just the good feeling that comes with making the right choice...

"Using their WIN, people who buy furniture from responsible suppliers signed up to Trees4Trees can trace where replacement trees are being grown,” says Mark Schmidt, a Trees4Trees spokesman. “The furniture tag lists their individual WIN which can be keyed into the Trees4Trees website. Using Google maps, customers are actually able to see where the trees have been planted, along with information about the farmer. So you can really feel part of the whole initiative."

Putting the theory into practise

So that’s the theory behind Trees4Trees. What about the results? Well since the launch of the project nearly ten years ago, it’s become clear that Trees4Trees is working. The figures speak for themselves:

Look how far we’ve come since 2008…

100,000 trees planted
26,750,000 kg of CO2 captured
1,589 local farming families helped

100,000 Trees and Counting

The Barker and Stonehouse contribution to the total tree count recently reached 100,000 – a figure which we’re proud of and looking forward to building on.

What’s just as rewarding to know is that over this time, we’ve also helped around 1,589 families in the neighbouring communities generate vital trade and income. Many of these are subsistence farmers living a hand-to-mouth existence whose financial security has been greatly increased thanks to Trees4Trees.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our eco-conscious customers, who like us, want to do good and look good.

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