Fabric & Leather Recliner Sofas

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Home is all about being comfortable, and few pieces of furniture are more relaxing than a sofa. Our magnificent selection of recliner sofas and chairs offers an extensive choice of designs, colours and fabrics, so you can easily find a style to suit your space.

The eclectic mix within this range of recliners means that there’s something to suit every taste. Chairs and 2-seater sofas are perfect for small rooms or those who like to enjoy their own space. Sitting alone doesn’t rule out socialising though; most of our recliner chairs swivel easily to accommodate conversation and entertaining guests. When it comes to appearances, you can opt for modern and sleek, like the Lecco recliner, or chunky and cosy, like the Fama Claudo.

If you think you need something larger, or require additional seating, then our bigger sofas should be of interest. The Belmondo extra-large 3-seater is perfect for evening get-togethers with friends and family to settle in and watch TV together. Meanwhile, the Wolga comes as a 2 or 3-seater and provides supreme back, neck and head support.

But a recliner doesn’t have to be limited to a chair or a traditional 2 or 3-seater sofa. We also offer large corner recliner sofas, like the Belmondo leather recliner sofa, which are the perfect option for homes with large families, frequent guests or lovers of sprawling out in comfort.

Our most popular and varied upholstery comes in the form of our selection of leather recliners. Leather is prevalent because it is firm, easy to clean and maintain, and always appears sleek and elegant. It is also a customisable material. We offer designs which vary from a modern Belvoir swivel chair or bold and retro Stressless View, with matching footstool, to the more traditional-styled and cosy-looking Parker Knoll Hudson.

Our recliners are available in a wide range of finishes, including single colours and textured surfaces, so you can find a recliner sofa or chair that catches the eye. Or perhaps you would prefer furniture which is more subtle and blends in with the existing furnishings? If so, take a look at our many grey recliner sofas; the colour is simultaneously timeless and elegant but also incredibly versatile.

Just as our recliner sofas come in a range of colours and designs, we also have a variety of upholsteries. Our selection of fabric recliner sofas is ideal for shoppers who value comfort above all else. Typically softer, with plump cushions, fabric recliners like the Wallis 2-seater are comfortable in all temperatures. A fabric recliner will warm you on a cold day and keep you cool when it’s too hot. Often fabric recliners give a more homely feel than their leather counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish and bold, too, like the Fama Moon swivel chair or the rustic Parker Knoll York wing recliner.

Our recliners vary greatly in design, size and materials, so prices range from below £999 to above £3,000. As with the majority of Barker and Stonehouse sofas, most of our recliners come with a warranty, reflecting our confidence in their quality and durable construction.