Corner Sofas

34 results

Harrington Large Right Hand Facing Chaise Sofa
£1999.00 £1699.00
Fontella Small Right Hand Facing Chaise
£1875.00 £1589.00
Timothy Oulton Shabby Corner Sofa, Leather
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Houston Left Hand Facing Leather Corner Sofa
£2249.00 £1799.00
Floyd Left Hand Facing Combi Unit
£1765.00 £1499.00
Myers Right Hand Facing Fabric Corner Group, Crystal Smoke
£1645.00 £1395.00
Stamford Left Hand Facing Corner Group With Stool, Vegas Zinc
£2129.00 £1595.00
Giovanna Leather Square Corner Sofa
£3119.00 £2495.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Livata Right Hand Facing Fabric Corner Sofa, Levante
£3495.00 £2695.00
Myers Lounger Sofa
£1295.00 £1099.00
Westchester Leather 4 Piece Corner, Jin Siberian
£6495.00 £5195.00
Wylie Leather Corner Sofa, Wyatt Black
£3745.00 £2995.00
Harrington Small Right Hand Facing Chaise Sofa
£1965.00 £1669.00
Loft Left Hand Facing Corner Group, Merlin Plum
£3645.00 £2995.00
Ercol Cosenza Right Hand Facing Corner Group
£3360.00 £2525.00
Chinetti Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa
£1765.00 £1495.00
Selvaggio Left Hand Facing Leather Corner Sofa
£2495.00 £2119.00
Brandon Set 2 Corner Group Right Hand Facing
£3529.00 £2999.00
San Remo Leather Corner Group
£5375.00 £4299.00
Ligne Roset Togo
Sebastian Left Hand Facing Corner Group, Leather
£3419.00 £2909.00
Chinetti Left Hand Facing Corner Sofa
£1765.00 £1495.00
Timothy Oulton Leather Nirvana Corner Sofa
Sovana Right Hand Facing Leather Reclining Corner Sofa
£1999.00 £1699.00
Galena Small Corner Group
£2795.00 £1995.00
Delphine Grand Corner Unit, Linwood
£6115.00 £5195.00
Timothy Oulton Leather Zenna Sofa, Full Rebel
Levatio Velvet Right Hand Corner Group
£1685.00 £1199.00
Pomona Leather Corner Group
£7105.00 £5679.00
Asteria Sofa With Right Hand Facing Chaise and Left Hand Facing E-Vario Function
£2689.00 £2149.00
Sydney Corner Group, Tesini Silver
£5955.00 £4759.00
Delance Right Hand Facing Corner Group With Left Hand Memory Recline, Montana Smoke
£6235.00 £4985.00
Borelly Large Corner Unit
£3775.00 £2995.00

At Barker and Stonehouse we're confident that we have the best choice of stunning corner sofas for any living room. Corner sofas can be the perfect addition to any living room to maximise the space you have available.

Corner Sofas are perfect for a family as they provide lots of room to make sure that everyone has a place to sit and relax, watch TV or play games. Many of our corner sofas have a number of seating combinations to fit any room and home. So, whether you are looking for a sofa for the toy room, TV room, lounge or hub we have some stylish corner sofas which could be the perfect choice.

Our sofas come in a variety of options, including upholstered in leather and/or fabric, linen, velvet, as well as cotton and many have a lifetime guarantee, showing the continued quality that Barker and Stonehouse have always provided.

Put your feet up on a bold cotemporary corner sofa! We have some super stylish bright colours to match or contrast with your current interior or if you are planning a revamp, try natural colours with a huge splash of brightness with one of our colourful corner sofas. Enjoy a sofa with curves and a funky style with corner sofas with gentle lines from our range of comfortable sofas.

Are you looking for a corner sofa that stands out? We have an eclectic collection of designer sofas from famous brands such as Ligne Roset and B&B Italia.

Many of our corner sofas have a combination option which means you can tailor them to your room, choosing the size and whether you have a left or right chaise. This as well as the traditional options of choosing colours, fabrics and leathers and whether they have a manual or electric recliner.