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Our snuggler chairs are the perfect size for two people. Their compact design fits into smaller spaces but offers plenty of comfort and style. Available in a range of styles, there’s a snuggler to suit every interior.

Bern Snuggler, Choice of Fabric
£899.00 £759.00
Pablo Snuggler, Voluptuous Velvet
£1705.00 £1325.00
Rossetti Snuggler, Pure Cotton Wedgewood
£1179.00 £899.00
Lewin Snuggler Chair, Choice Of Fabric
£845.00 £715.00
Dorchester Pillow Back Snuggler, Choice Of Leather
£1625.00 £1299.00
Rylee Snuggler, Choice of Fabric
£744.00 £625.00
Ercol Marinello Snuggler
£1150.00 £859.00
Dorchester Standard Snuggler, Choice Of Leather
£1625.00 £1299.00
Daxon Snuggler, Silver Larson Plain
£789.00 £669.00
Farley Fixed Fabric Snuggler Chair, Garbo Mosaic Steel
£1295.00 £1099.00
Grosvenor Snuggler, Leather
£1785.00 £1425.00
Mercier Velvet Snuggler, Lavish Emerald
£1295.00 £1035.00
Myers Pampas Leather Snuggler, Graphite
£1295.00 £1099.00
Maddox Snuggler, Choice Of Fabric
£1049.00 £899.00
Juni Snuggler, Choice Of Colour
£825.00 £699.00
Ercol Novara Fabric Snuggler Chair
£1380.00 £1035.00
Myers Snuggler
£765.00 £649.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Spurling Standard Back Snuggler, Tan and Mink
£849.00 £819.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Spurling Pillow Back Snuggler, Tan and Mink
£849.00 £819.00
Bowden Fabric Snuggler
£819.00 £695.00
Floyd Snuggler Chair
£705.00 £599.00
Berkeley Fabric Fixed Cover Snuggler
£1089.00 £925.00
Fontella Snuggler Chair, Verdi Pewter
£875.00 £739.00
Marinda Snuggler, Choice Of Colour
£765.00 £649.00
Harborough Snuggler Chair, Duck Egg
£929.00 £789.00

Larger than an armchair but smaller than a sofa, our snuggler chairs are an ideal size for two to cuddle up, or one to lounge in comfort. If you’re short on space but want to maximise your seating, a snuggler may be the perfect solution.

Discover our wide range of snuggler chairs in styles to suit every interior, from contemporary leather designs to retro-inspired fabric snuggler chairs. Many of our snuggler chairs are part of a range and have a matching sofa for a co-ordinated look. Alternatively, choose an accent chair to add statement style to a corner of a room.

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