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Harrington Chair
From £705.00
Fontella Designer Chair, Corolla Mango
From £729.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Houston Leather Armchair
From £749.00
Timothy Oulton Cabana Chair, Vagabond Black and Weathered Oak
Floyd Swivel Cuddler
From £825.00
Myers Standard Chair
From £649.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Giovanna Leather Maxi Chair
From £875.00
Spurling Wing Chair, Tan and Mink
From £939.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Vincenzo Leather Chair
From £875.00
Myers Designer Chair
From £589.00
Windermere Accent Chair
From £1019.00
Bowden Fabric Accent chair
From £735.00
Bucardo Leather Chair
From £789.00
Timothy Oulton Westminster Feather 1 Seater Sofa, Vegabond Black Leather
Findlay Chair, Grey Marl
From £745.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Missano Leather Chair
From £849.00
Rylee Standard Chair
From £729.00
Juni Standard Chair
From £705.00
Daxon Standard Chair, Silver Larson Plain
From £659.00
Daxon Swivel Chair
From £785.00
Berkeley Fabric Fixed Cover Armchair
From £885.00
Harris Tweed Bowmore Chair
From £945.00
Timothy Oulton Cabana Yeti Chair
Harris Tweed Leather Dalmore Accent Chair, Bracken Herringbone
From £1295.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Lazy Chair, Destroyed Black and Weathered Oak
Harris Tweed Mackenzie Chair, Fabric
From £1589.00
Harris Tweed Mackenzie Chair, Leather
Timothy Oulton Leather Saddle Chair
Cleves Chair
From £1449.00
Harris Tweed Mackenzie Chair, Fabric and Leather
From £1589.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Tomcat Armchair, Destroyed Black and Black Spitfire
Timothy Oulton Ardingley Armchair, Old Saddle Nut Leather
Timothy Oulton Wildcat Chair, Vagabond Black
Maddox Chair
Pompeo Chair, Leather
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Asquith Leather Chair
From £1785.00
Westchester Leather Chesterfield Snuggler
From £1999.00
Renato Armchair, Fabric
From £675.00
Renato Armchair, Leather
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Professor Chair, Destroyed Raw and Spitfire
Harborough Fabric Accent Chair, Natural and Multi
Dorchester Wing Chair, Leather And Fabric Mix
From £1449.00
Meredith Leather Chair, London Saddle
Timothy Oulton Wall Street Chair, Aussie Royal Grey
Fama Moon Leather Rocking Swivel Chair
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Ollena Velvet Chair
From £539.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Wild Yeti Sheepskin Easy Chair
Ollena Leather Chair, Tan
Loft Accent Chair, Bentley Granite
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Mentor Chair, Destroyed Raw
Calluna Striped Fabric Accent Chair
From £705.00
Timothy Oulton Furious Professor Safari Leather Chair, Nutmeg
Calluna Accent Chair, Browson Leather
Timothy Oulton Professor Chair, Black and White Moo
Ercol Cosenza Fabric Armchair, Green
Hugo Chair
From £1025.00
Loreto Leather Maxi Chair
From £1159.00
Chinetti Chair
From £685.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Galveston Leather Tub Chair
From £499.00
Stressless Buckingham High Back Chair
From £2099.00
Stressless Buckingham Low Back Chair
From £1779.00
Arabella Swivel Chair, Trevi Garnet
Ercol Marino Fabric Armchair, Grey
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Orson Leather Chair
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Dillon Leather High Back Chair
Greenbrae Metal Lounge Chair
£389.00 £239.00
Tobin Outback Leather Chair, Tan
Lassington Wing Chair
From £845.00
Parker Knoll Meredith Armchair
Sloane Fabric Chair
From £1119.00
Harris Tweed Dunmore Chair
From £1225.00
Laurino Leather Swivel Chair
From £649.00
Harris Tweed Nairn Occasional Chair, Darnoch Check
From £995.00
Pablo Loose Cover Armchair
From £1649.00
Pablo Snuggler, Voluptuous Velvet
From £1705.00
Ercol Marinello Armchair
From £1055.00
Copeland Leather Easy Chair, Vintage Cigar
Ercol Novara Fabric Armchair
Lewin Putney Chair
From £629.00
Timothy Oulton Leather Bastille Chair, Safari Black
Harris Tweed Taransay Gents Chair
From £1225.00
Harris Tweed Taransay Ladies Chair
From £1119.00
Hector Armchair
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Gino Swivel Chair
From £825.00
Brandon Armchair, Light Grey
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Cavendish Leather Armchair, Vintage Cigar
Timothy Oulton Mars MK3 Chair, Old Saddle Black with Shiny Steel
Malvina Velvet RHF Corner Sofa Chaise, Indulgence Fondant
Grigri Leather Swivel Chair
From £875.00
Parker Knoll Boston Leather Armchair, Slate
From £1607.00
Stressless Windsor High Back Chair, Choice of Leather
From £1719.00
Stressless Legend High Back Chair
From £2319.00
Lula Velvet Chair
From £785.00
B&B Italia Husk Chair
Livia Velvet Chair
Amabile Accent Chair
From £595.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Tomcat Armchair, Destroyed Raw
Sebastian Armchair, Leather
Strauss Grey Leather Armchair, Choice Of Recline
From £1649.00
Harris Tweed Braemar Chair
From £1295.00
Marcel Lounge Chair, Dark Grey
Berner Beeton Leather Chair
From £625.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Coppola Leather Swivel Chair
From £845.00
Delphine Accent Chair, Linwood
Harris Tweed Calvay Chair
From £1149.00
Cortona High Back Chair, Silver
Stressless Arion High Back Chair
From £1999.00
Ercol Adrano Fabric Armchair
Birkin Chair
From £719.00
Duresta Opera
Anders Velvet Chair
Monito Queen Leather Chair
From £925.00
Monito Queen Fabric Chair
From £685.00
Monito King Leather Chair
From £1015.00
Content by Conran Chi Chi Loveseat
From £1195.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Pirlo Leather Swivel Chair
From £749.00
Tetrad Yale Fabric Chair, Merrion Stripe
Tetrad Yale Leather Chair, Galveston Tan
Ucello Leather Swivel Chair
From £415.00
Lassington Fabric Chair
From £895.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Berisso Leather Chair
From £1059.00
Althea Armchair And Footstool With Rocking Base, Antique Verde
Brightwell Snuggler
From £855.00
Brightwell Chair
From £545.00
Coverdale Leather Chair
From £1295.00
Uppsala Leather Maxi Chair
From £1125.00
Mimosa Armchair
From £1129.00
Hugo Armchair, Voluptuous Velvet
From £1255.00
Dickens Armchair, Loose Linen
From £1205.00
Newton Armchair, Pure Cotton
From £1259.00
Pinter Armchair, Voluptuous Velvet
From £965.00
Rossetti Snuggler, Pure Cotton Wedgewood
Idlewild Swivel Chair, Charcoal Linen Marz
Idlewild Armchair, Dove Grey
Harford Lounge Chair, Red Brown and Grey
Tribeca Lounge Chair, Grey
Grace Leather Armchair
From £1115.00
Grace Armchair
From £645.00
Pasillo Shoreditch Chair
From £645.00
Stressless E300 Long Seat
From £2149.00
Stressless E200 Long Seat
From £1899.00
Stressless Eldorado High Back Chair
From £2019.00
Larsen Velvet Chair, Olive
Arterberry Chair, Minton Ivory
Timothy Oulton Branco Leather Chair, Vegbond Blue
Aria Armchair, Light Turquoise
Larke Armchair
Riva 1920 Wilma Braccioli Armchair, Walnut and Utah Black
Duresta Amadeus
Ellwood Chair, Vintage Amber
Syon Chair, Traviata
From £1095.00
Edworth Accent Chair
From £589.00
Aragon Swivel Armchair, with speakers and Bluetooth
Tetrad Enmore Velvet Chair, Dusky Pink
Timothy Oulton Zenna Leather Sectional 1 Seater, Full Rebel
Timothy Oulton Shabby 1 Seater Sectional, Faded and Degraded
Timothy Oulton Sheepskin Cave Chair
De Sede DS 255
Harris Tweed Victoria Button Back Chair
From £885.00
Timothy Oulton Tribeca Chair, Black
Timothy Oulton Bilbao Daybed, Antique Whiskey
Fama Roxane Armchair and Footstool
Timothy Oulton Bendum Chair, Leather
B&B Italia Piccola Papilio Chair
B&B Italia Metropolitan Armchair
Harris Tweed Stornaway Chair
From £1625.00
Ligne Roset Flax
De Sede DS 57
De Sede DS 51
Foxhill Leather Swivel Gliding Armchair
Corinthia Swivel Gliding Armchair
Kristelle Leather Swivel Chair
Gaucho Armchair, Denver Leather
Jerome Accent Chair
From £589.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Mars Chair MK3, Aussie Royal Grey
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Amabile Twister Chair
From £795.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Amabile Snuggler
From £939.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Tetrad Constable Wing Chair
Borelly Snuggler Chair
From £1485.00
Putina Accent Chair
From £769.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Stamford Fabric Armchair, Vegas Zinc
Harris Tweed Glencoe Chair
Harris Tweed Dalmore Standard Chair
From £1175.00
Harris Tweed Bowmore Highback Compact Sofa
From £1319.00

No living room is complete without a stylish and comfortable armchair.

Armchairs are no longer considered out of date, in fact, they’re now a must have on-trend piece of furniture for your home. With so much choice of seating you will be sure to find one that meets your style, from a chesterfield snuggler chair to a velvety chaise lounge.

From traditional to modern, Barker and Stonehouse has something to suit everyone. Choose from our range of handpicked stylish designs, colours and textures that are sure to have you and your guests relaxed within minutes of returning home.

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home, then discover our collection of sleek designer chairs which offer optimum comfort in a minimalist living area. Alternatively, enjoy a cosy evening in one of our sumptuous leather tub chairs or a tweed fabric design. We also have chairs that bring the vintage feel to you home with various woods, legs and casters to suit any interior.

If you already have the perfect sofa, browse our range to find the perfect armchair to complement your look.