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Galveston Outback Leather Tub Chair
£575.00 £399.00
Harris Tweed Mackenzie Chair
£1599.00 £1199.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Tobin Outback Leather Chair, Tan
£1145.00 £799.00
Cavendish Leather Armchair, Vintage Cigar
£859.00 £599.00
Harris Tweed Dunmore Chair
£1269.00 £949.00
Calluna Striped Fabric Accent Chair, Steel Grey
£825.00 £575.00
Fama Ibiza Swivel Electric Recliner, Urus Blue
£1239.00 £989.00
Harris Tweed Bowmore Chair
£999.00 £749.00
Timothy Oulton Cabana Yeti Chair
£2075.00 £1659.00
Fama Lenny Leather Swivel Reclining Armchair, Pastel Green
£1239.00 £999.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Natuzzi Editions Gino Swivel Chair, Levante
£929.00 £649.00
Ollena Plush Velvet Chair
£615.00 £429.00
Myers Designer Chair
£625.00 £499.00
Timothy Oulton Saddle Easy Chair
£2400.00 £1899.00
Timothy Oulton Wild Yeti Sheepskin Easy Chair
£2075.00 £1659.00
Harris Tweed Leather Dalmore Accent Chair, Bracken Herringbone
£1425.00 £1069.00
Fontella Designer Chair, Corolla Mango
£775.00 £619.00
Copeland Leather Easy Chair, Vintage Cigar
£1215.00 £849.00
Malvina Velvet RHF Corner Sofa Chaise, Indulgence Fondant
£839.00 £669.00
Timothy Oulton Bilbao Daybed, Black and White Moo
Timothy Oulton Bilbao Daybed, Vintage Cigar
Nieve Leather Swivelling Recliner Chair
£1839.00 £1379.00
Hemsley Accent Chair
£1285.00 £899.00
Coppola Vintage Leather Swivel Chair, Tobacco
£965.00 £675.00
Harris Tweed Taransay Ladies Chair
£1175.00 £879.00
Timothy Oulton Sheepskin Cave Chair
£1875.00 £1499.00
Karlos Tub Chair, Leather
£429.00 £249.00
Fama Claudo Electric Swivel Recliner, Sky Blue
£1789.00 £1429.00
Brassica Velvet Chair, Plush Tumeric
£745.00 £519.00
Timothy Oulton Saddle Easy Chair and Footstool
£3000.00 £2399.00
Wroxham Chair, Blue Velvet
£869.00 £649.00
Middleton Accent Chair, Sisal and Pavillion Blue Henley
£815.00 £569.00
Timothy Oulton Furious Professor Safari Leather Chair, Nutmeg
Harborough Fabric Accent Chair, Natural and Multi
£859.00 £599.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Timothy Oulton Safari Leather Bastille Chair
£1750.00 £1399.00
Nina Oxford Leather Chair, Brown
£999.00 £699.00
Fama Moon Leather Rocking Swivel Chair
£1815.00 £1449.00
Berner Tennessee Leather Chair
£725.00 £499.00
Modbury Leather Chair, Charme Russett
£1075.00 £749.00
Harris Tweed Taransay Gents Chair
£1295.00 £969.00
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Mirage Reading Chair
£2193.00 £1859.00
Assisi Swivel Chair
£1429.00 £999.00
Copeland Leather Easy Chair, Riders Black
£1215.00 £849.00
Overton Accent Chair, Katelin Stripe
£759.00 £529.00
Argyll Chair, Wool Plaid
£885.00 £619.00
Liberty Carnaby Chair
£1199.00 £839.00
Liberty Foubert Chair
£1115.00 £779.00
Linthwaite Velvet Club Chair, Grey
£929.00 £695.00
Pax Swivel Chair
£845.00 £589.00
Timothy Oulton Aviator Tomcat Armchair
£2000.00 £1599.00
Myers Pampas Leather Standard Chair, Graphite
£1089.00 £869.00
Camber Aniline Leather Armchair, Old English Expresso
£1285.00 £899.00
Fergus Chair, Wool Plaid
£785.00 £549.00
Harris Tweed Victoria Button Back Chair
£915.00 £679.00
Enmore Velvet Chair, Dusky Pink
£1135.00 £849.00
Aragon Swivel Armchair, with speakers and Bluetooth
£1375.00 £1099.00
Ligne Roset Flax
Calluna Accent Chair, Leather
£1215.00 £849.00
Slouch Accent Chair, Plain Granite
£999.00 £699.00
Alverton Accent Chair, Modena Brown
£1285.00 £899.00
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Kemp Reading Chair
£2033.00 £1725.00
Timothy Oulton Mad Professor Scarecrow Chair, Leather
£1425.00 £1139.00
Timothy Oulton Bendum Chair, Leather
£2500.00 £1839.00
Timothy Oulton Furious Professor Safari Leather Chair, Tobacco
£1250.00 £999.00
Timothy Oulton Branco Leather Armchair, Old Saddle Nut
£1450.00 £1159.00
Timothy Oulton Cabana Chair, Vagabond Black and Weathered Oak
£1325.00 £1059.00
Timothy Oulton Scholar Chair, Destroyed Black
£1250.00 £999.00
Timothy Oulton Bilbao Daybed, Antique Whiskey
Timothy Oulton Ruffed Chair
Shannon Chair, Leather and Fabric
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Margot Wing Chair
£3072.00 £2609.00
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Marianne Boudoir Chair
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Tango Chair
£1138.00 £965.00
Duresta for Matthew Williamson Tango Chair
£1284.00 £1089.00
Cortona High Back Chair, Silver
£2075.00 £1449.00
Fama Roxane Armchair and Footstool
£1299.00 £1039.00
B&B Italia Husk Chair
Adonia Chaise Corner Sofa RHF, Mystic Boysenberry
£649.00 £519.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Bergen Chair With 2 Motors, Taupe
£965.00 £799.00
Connaught Chair, Chatsworth Sapphire
£639.00 £479.00
Delphine Accent Chair, Enzo
£1199.00 £959.00
Edworth Accent Chair,Natural
£649.00 £499.00
Jefferson Leather Wing Chair, Merlin Earth Check
£1235.00 £925.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Karlstad Swivel Chair With 2 Motors, Chalk
£965.00 £799.00
Loft Accent Chair, Bentley Granite
£975.00 £679.00
Meredith Leather Chair, London Saddle
£1327.00 £1049.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Nordic Chair With 2 Motors, Chalk
£1015.00 £839.00
Violetta Chair, Surplus Stock
£695.00 £595.00

No living room is complete without a stylish and comfortable armchair.

Armchairs are no longer considered out of date, in fact, they’re now a must have on-trend piece of furniture for your home. With so much choice of seating you will be sure to find one that meets your style, from a chesterfield snuggler chair to a velvety chaise lounge.

From traditional to modern, Barker and Stonehouse has something to suit everyone. Choose from our range of handpicked stylish designs, colours and textures that are sure to have you and your guests relaxed within minutes of returning home.

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your home, then discover our collection of sleek designer chairs which offer optimum comfort in a minimalist living area. Alternatively, enjoy a cosy evening in one of our sumptuous leather tub chairs or a tweed fabric design. We also have chairs that bring the vintage feel to you home with various woods, legs and casters to suit any interior.

If you already have the perfect sofa, browse our range to find the perfect armchair to complement your look.

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