An enduring imprint

of genuine artistry


An enduring imprint

of genuine artistry


Dating back to 1920

L.Ercolani is the sister brand of ercol, launched in 2021 to honour its brilliant founder and furniture maker, Lucian Ercolani. This exciting new division houses ercol’s much-loved archival pieces, which were previously known as Originals. It will also be the platform for furniture designed in collaboration with a range of global talents, such as Norm Architects, Lars Beller and Matthew Hilton. 

This new opportunity has allowed ercol to step in a slightly different direction, while protecting the beloved values and standards that many have fallen in love with over the last century. Keeping things in the family, Lucian’s great-grandson, Henry Tadros, has taken on the role of director at L.Ercolani. 

A Magnetizing Presence

The headquarters of L.Ercolani can be found in Buckinghamshire, surrounded by stunning woodlands. This is especially fitting due to the brand’s background in carpentry and vast experience with transforming various woods into artistic yet functional pieces of furniture. Not only does this company appreciate the visible beauty of nature, but it also respects its environmental value by following a number of sustainable practices.

"Today, Lucian Ercolani is fondly remembered for both his craft and his compelling personality — a magnetizing presence that imbues his formative designs with warmth and precision


The 101 Year Legacy

L.Ercolani truly does represent the past and the present. While the 101-year legacy and core principles of ercol remain intact, the brand now benefits from improved modern technologies and welcomes aboard some of the most renowned designers in the furniture industry. With fresh eyes looking to the future and 101 years of craftsmanship behind them, this ambitious brand pays tribute to Lucian Ercolani and his forward-thinking ways.




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  1. L.Ercolani Reprise Chair, Hide Seat, Walnut
    L.Ercolani Reprise Chair, Hide Seat, Walnut
    From £2245.00 Regular Price £2645.00
  2. L.Ercolani Upholstered Reprise Chair, Walnut
    L.Ercolani Upholstered Reprise Chair, Walnut
    From £2095.00 Regular Price £2465.00
  3. L.Ercolani Reprise Chair, Webbed Seat
    L.Ercolani Reprise Chair, Webbed Seat
    From £1319.00 Regular Price £1555.00
  4. L.Ercolani Von Armchair, Walnut
    L.Ercolani Von Armchair, Walnut
    From £2699.00 Regular Price £3180.00
  5. L.Ercolani Von Armchair, Ash
    L.Ercolani Von Armchair, Ash
    From £1995.00 Regular Price £2350.00
  6. L.Ercolani Treviso Desk
    L.Ercolani Treviso Desk
    From £1599.00 Regular Price £1885.00
  7. L.Ercolani Pennon Small Table
    L.Ercolani Pennon Small Table
    From £4239.00 Regular Price £4990.00
  8. L.Ercolani Utility Bar Stool
    L.Ercolani Utility Bar Stool
    From £245.00 Regular Price £290.00
  9. L.Ercolani Utility Counter Stool
    L.Ercolani Utility Counter Stool
    From £245.00 Regular Price £290.00
  10. L.Ercolani IO Long Table
    L.Ercolani IO Long Table
    From £1869.00 Regular Price £2200.00
  11. L.Ercolani IO Side Table
    L.Ercolani IO Side Table
    From £969.00 Regular Price £1140.00
  12. L.Ercolani IO Coffee Table
    L.Ercolani IO Coffee Table
    From £1449.00 Regular Price £1705.00
  13. L.Ercolani Utility Armchair
    L.Ercolani Utility Armchair
    From £515.00 Regular Price £610.00
  14. L.Ercolani Utility Highback Armchair
    L.Ercolani Utility Highback Armchair
    From £539.00 Regular Price £640.00
  15. L.Ercolani All-Purpose Chair
    L.Ercolani All-Purpose Chair
    From £369.00 Regular Price £440.00
  16. L.Ercolani Stacking Chair
    L.Ercolani Stacking Chair
    From £369.00 Regular Price £440.00
  17. L.Ercolani Butterfly Chair
    L.Ercolani Butterfly Chair
    From £629.00 Regular Price £740.00
  18. L.Ercolani Loveseat
    L.Ercolani Loveseat
    From £859.00 Regular Price £1015.00

19 Items

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