Ercol is designed for comfort, style, and practicality. Since 1920 this brand has brought elegance and beauty to people’s homes, with sofas and chairs, dining room suites, and bedroom furniture. From 60s curves to contemporary minimalism, you’ll find exactly the right piece for your style in this collection.

The Collection

Ercol Ballatta
Ercol Bosco
Ercol Bosco
Ercol Cosenza
Ercol Enna
Ercol Favara
Ercol Forli
Ercol Ginosa
Ercol Lugo
Ercol Marinello
Ercol Originals
Ercol Romana
Ercol Salina
Ercol Teramo
Ercol Teramo
Ercol Verso and Corso

The story

In 1920 Lucian Ercolani decided to set up his own furniture factory and started what is today, ercol. In 1932 Lucian was offered the opportunity to take over a very well-known high class chairmakers, Skulls and this was the perfect opportunity to expand his business.

In 1939, during the war, the ercol factory worked for the government, making 25,000 tent pegs a day, as well as munitions boxes and other supplies. Both of Lucian's sons, Lucian B and Barry were involved in the RAF. In 1942 the UK was going through a serious shortage in raw materials and due to all the rebuilding there was a substantial demand for new furniture, of which the Utility Furniture Scheme was set up with the aim to build strong well-designed furniture, making the most efficient use of scarce timber.

In 1944, Lucian Ercolani was contracted to supply 100,000 chairs of a low cost design, in twelve months Ercolani set up special machines to produce the chairs for only 10s 6d each and this meant mass production of chairs was now a possibility (pictured).

In 1945 Lucian Ercolani's two sons were demobbed after the second world war and both started working at Ercol as joint managing directors.

Lucian R Ercolani goes on to achieve a master of the furniture makers guild and later, an OBE for services to UK design and manufacturing before passing away in 1976 and his son, Lucian B Ercolani becomes the next chairman of Ercol.

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Ercol's mass production of chairs
Ercol's mass production of chairs in 1944
Ercol's mass production of chairs
The Ercolani's (Lucian R with sons Lucian B and Barry)

History together

Barker and Stonehouse and Ercol go back a long way. In fact Charles Barker realised in 1946 that this was the premier brand he wanted to stock. We're indebted to Ercol for taking a chance on a brand-new company in a little store in Stockton-on-Tees.

We've consistently sold Ercol and have remained family friends ever since.

Many of our advertisements over the last 70 years have featured Ercol products. They're one of the few remaining British cabinet brands in the UK which we feel needs to be cherished.

Ercol advert

100 years of Success

Like Barker and Stonehouse, ercol is a family owned business and has been one of the brands that we have been very proud to work with since we opened our first store in 1946. As ercol enters its 100th year we talk to company Chairman, and grandson of its founder, Edward Tadros, about the brand’s great history and its plans for the future. See behind the scenes and hear from ercol chairman, Edward Tadros in this video