Pocket Spring Mattresses

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Take a look at our comfortable pocket spring mattresses here at Barker & Stonehouse. Guaranteed to give you a luxurious night's sleep.
Indulge 1800 Mattress
£475.00 £399.00
Vispring Bedstead Elegance Mattress
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Rena 1000 Pocket Gel Mattress
£425.00 £359.00
King Koil 1800 Mattress
£705.00 £599.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Mellow 4000 Pocket Gel Mattress
£625.00 £529.00
Vispring Traditional Bedstead Mattress
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Gemini Pocket Mattress
£235.00 £199.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Fara 8000 Super King Memory Pocket Mattress
£825.00 £699.00
Vispring Bedstead Supreme Mattress
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Falon 1000 Memory Pocket Mattress
£235.00 £199.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Vana 1000 Memory Pocket Mattress
£235.00 £199.00
Vispring Bedstead Realm Mattress
Suma 3000 Pocket Gel Mattress
£559.00 £469.00
Oxford 1090 Mattress, Regular Tension
£465.00 £339.00
Oxford 1090 Mattress, Firm Tension
£465.00 £339.00
Pocket Comfort Mattress
£305.00 £259.00
Cambridge 1220 Mattress
£535.00 £399.00
Vispring Bedstead Distinction Mattress
Vispring Bedstead Superb Mattress
Vispring Bedstead Imperial Mattress
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Fara 8000 Single Memory Pocket Mattress
£355.00 £279.00

The pocket spring mattress provides supreme comfort and targeted support, each spring operating independently to give you an undisturbed and restful night’s sleep. Our range includes different sizes and styles, including mattresses from top names such as Tempur and Vi-Spring, giving you the perfect choice to meet your preferences.

All our pocket spring mattresses reflect the Barker and Stonehouse standard for quality and design, using only the very best materials and craftsmanship.

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