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Vi-Spring Atlas Headboard
Vi-Spring Helios Headboard
Vi-Spring Muses Headboard
Vi-Spring Hera Headboard
Orla Headboard
From £329.00
Carrington Headboard, Soft Grey & Oak
From £199.00
Buddah Headboard, Choice of Fabric
From £389.00
Bindi Headboard, Choice of Fabric
From £435.00
Bella Headboard, Choice of Fabric
From £389.00
Beau Headboard, Choice of Fabric
From £355.00
XL Cube Headboard
From £499.00
Tube Headboard
From £339.00
Cube Headboard
From £399.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Carrington Headboard, Soft Grey & Walnut
From £235.00
Somnus Zen Headboard
Somnus Victoria Headboard
Somnus Surrey Headboard
Somnus Roma Headboard
Somnus Riva Headboard
Somnus Ravello Headboard
Somnus Oslo Headboard
Somnus Navarro Headboard
Somnus Montpellier Headboard
Somnus Milan Headboard
Somnus Malmo Headboard
Somnus Lucerne Headboard
Somnus Knightsbridge Headboard
Somnus Hertford Headboard
Somnus Harewood Headboard
Somnus George Headboard
Somnus Garda Headboard
Somnus Como Headboard
Somnus Churchill Headboard
Somnus Chelsea Headboard
Somnus Bracknell Headboard
Somnus Berne Headboard
Somnus Bergen Headboard
Somnus Bedford Headboard
Somnus Ashford Headboard
Vi-Spring Triton Headboard
Vi-Spring Palladio Headboard
Vi-Spring Moncorvo Headboard
Vi-Spring Iris Headboard
Vi-Spring Halkin Headboard
Vi-Spring Fitzroy Headboard
Vi-Spring Enyo Headboard
Vi-Spring Elba Headboard
Vi-Spring Eccleston Headboard
Vi-Spring Clabon Headboard
Vi-Spring Circe Headboard
Vi-Spring Ceto Headboard
Vi-Spring Artemis Headboard
Vi-Spring Achilles Headboard
Vi-Spring Arc Headboard
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Carrington Headboard, White
From £155.00
Synergy Headboard
From £305.00
Madison Headboard
From £165.00
Immediate Furniture Delivery
Carrington Headboard, Ivory and Oak
From £155.00
Somnus Suave Headboard
Somnus Claridge Headboard

Choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, and fabrics in the Barker and Stonehouse range of headboards, with contemporary and traditional designs to suit any interior.

Go for an upholstered headboard with wingback sides for a contemporary yet cosy feel, perfect with a divan bedframe. Or choose a wooden slatted design in white or natural wood for an understated, traditional look. When you shop at Barker and Stonehouse you can always be assured of our trademark quality materials, design, and craftsmanship.

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