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Between your work’s night out, secret Santa, the stress of cooking Christmas dinner, and the relief gorging your own body weight in chocolate, I suppose some people might just forget that Christmas is a wonderfully exciting time for kids.

I say might because if you’ve got kids, you’ll hear about Christmas day, presents, and what their friends are getting (so my default they must also get) every day for about 2 months up to it.

Ok, maybe no one ever forget’s about the kids at Christmas.

As babies become toddlers, and toddlers become children however, the excitement for parents, aunties, uncles, and older siblings grows.

Kids no longer just lay there, looking cute in an Elf costume on Christmas morning. They get caught up in the magic of Christmas, getting super excited to see what Santa brings.

It’s at this time you can expand your Christmas decorations into the kids bedroom, and get them more involved.

Just how can you do this in a way to get the kids excited, without overpowering the home?

Susan Earlam, from Old Fashioned Susie, has captured the perfect innocence of a childhood Christmas with her daughters bedroom.

In previous years we’ve added a bit of tinsel and fairy lights to her bedroom, but after finding a mini faux Christmas tree in the Paperchase sale in January I’m set on giving her a festive feel to her space.

The addition of our Romance bedside table made for the perfect place to display the tree.

I found this French looking bedside table at Barker & Stonehouse and its perfect for her room in painted white, as there is a lot of white in the space already. It has a really elegant feel to it don’t you think? I love that there’s a small drawer for things she might need in the night like a torch or handkerchief.

The Romance bedside table offers the practicality of storage & display place, whilst heightening the elegance of the living space.

The playful nature of childhood is subtly reinforced with a stack of colourful retro suitcases, perfect for a fun and bright storage space.

This innocent, festive display is completed with a playful arrangement of action figures & dolls, that will make any adult yearn to be 6 years old again.

Susan has turned what could be a messy area into a bright, youthful, and classy Christmas display, with the simple additions of a bedside table, storage cases, and a small Christmas tree.

You can easily recreate this look for your children’s bedroom and make your house, a Barker & Stonehouse.