Barker and Stonehouse have challenged UK’s best interior bloggers to style their own rooms using winter and Christmas inspired trends. As part of The Blogger House series we will be bringing you new looks over the coming month from our talented bloggers, keep updated by following the hashtag #TheBloggerHouse.

On the distant run up to Christmas, when the big red truck starts appearing on tv, and baubles, tinsel and selection boxes appear on supermarket shelves, it can be hard to really get excited in November.

Wooden Leaf Plate


Image Courtesy Of Fresh Design Blog

Its the purgatory between “is it too early to put the decorations up” and “OMG SANTA, Christmas Trees & Presents!”.

Using a range of copper & wood inspired accessories, Rachel from the Fresh Design Blog has managed to create an uplifting & inviting atmosphere, blending the late Autumn and early Winter together.

“The winter months can be cold, dark and gloomy, so I wanted to create a look that added warmth, light and interest into the dining room.

The metallic copper trend was absolutely perfect for this and I teamed it with natural wood for additional texture.

I really loved all the copper accessories from Barker & Stonehouse – they’re shiny and bright to start with, but when tealights and candles are added and lit, the rose gold copper glow they produce is fantastic.

The wooden leaf plate was larger than I’d imagined (note to self: check product measurements!) and is stunning to use as a display piece.”

Just because it might be miserable outside, doesn’t mean it has to be miserable in doors. A point that Rachel has demonstrated excellently.

With a keen eye for style, and a natural earthy tone, Rachel partnered our copper lights with her existing natural wooden theme. This woodland look was then extended with our votive bowl, complimented with the very seasonal pine cones, to create the essence of a winter-wonderland lodge.

Just one of the many ways you can make your house, a Barker & Stonehouse.