Winter is a time for cosy living; it’s a time for snuggling under a blanket after a hard day’s work, turning on Netflix and drinking hot chocolate to your heart’s content. But it is also a time to update some of your home accessories, and maybe even your home furniture to fit in with the early, dark, cold nights ahead.

Most of the year you may be looking to give your home a fresh, spacious and bright look, during the winter however, a more cosy feel, such as the one you get in a small country pub in December is the desired style.

You don’t need a huge roaring, open fire to get that warm winter feel, deep colours, dark wood furniture and faux fur will do the trick just as well.

Right now, simple, glam accessories are a must have to update your winter home. Large faux throws, copper accessories, wool cushions and scented candles are simply a must.



An easy and inexpensive way to not only make your room look cosier, but also more fresh, is to give it a fresh lick of paint. Dark, deep colours such as reds, purples and greys are the best for winter. These colours are a fantastic way to transform a large, empty room, into a cosy, homey one. Don’t overdo it with painting the whole room though, one wall will be enough to give the desired effect, but not overpower.


Many people nowadays opt for wood or laminate flooring; it’s an easy and convenient way of keeping your floors stain free with kids and animals running around. However, wood and laminate don’t have that warm, cosy feel when the cold, dark nights come drawing in, so how about investing in a quality plush pile rug? A rug won’t just create a warm feel in your room and under your feet, but they can completely transform the look of a whole room too.


Accessories are possibly the most important factors in creating that desired cosy, winter feel in your home, and the right accessories can look great in both winter and summer surroundings, so make sure you look for additions to suit the theme and style of your home.

Currently we are absolutely loving faux throws, cushions and copper, well… pretty much everything – lighting fixtures, candle holders, vases, clocks, we could go on!

When looking for the perfect accessories think big! Oversized accessories give the illusion of smaller, more cosy surroundings, creating that desired warm, winter feel!