With the recent release of the remake of The Lone Ranger, subtle hints of the Wild Wild West have been creeping into interiors as we move further into August.

We can’t promise this trend will make Armie Hammer ride into town on his trusty white steed, but the leather and animal print mix of the Wild West look does create a warm and inviting feel which will draw people in to your home.

Leather is the key ingredient here, and the more aged or distressed the better.

Start with an oversized deconstructed sofa such as the Shabby range from Barker and Stonehouse. Soft and slouchy, this sofa group features cushioned sectional stitching in tan leather for a relaxed look.

Alternatively modernise the look by pairing contemporary sofa such as the Carluccio with a natural cowhide rug in either black or brown, which will add a touch of Wild West style without going overboard.

Similarly, the Le Corbusier Lounge Chair is a true design classic, and this black and white pony hide version taps into the trend.

You can’t have a Wild West theme without bar stools, and Barker and Stonehouse has a great selection to help you bring authentic saloon style to your kitchen or dining area.

The Bleecker low stool is made from recycled iron for an ageless industrial look. Pair with the Crank table to create an unusual dining range.

If you want a full size barstool, the Granero metal bar stool is height adjustable to fit any dining table, worktop or kitchen island and has a brown leather sit fit for any weary cowboy to rest.

Your third option is a bucket style stool made from an antique oak wine barrel with a leather seat, like the Versaille from Barker and Stonehouse.

For slightly more traditional dining, still with a Wild West feel, pair a large rustic dining table with leather dining chairs such as the Jensen, in buffalo leather.

Woven rugs and wall hangings with a Navajo or tribal pattern will complement this look, while colours should be rich and earthy, lots of tan and sand with accents of russet and turquoise.

Finally, finish the look with a few fun accessories – we love this pair of antler candles sticks and matching mirror, but a well-placed Stetson or wall-mounted faux animal head would work equally well.

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