The love of luxe has turned us into a bunch of smoothies over the past few years, pampered by sleek fabrics and surfaces.

But luxe is now roughing it up a little – and we’re absolutely adoring the effect, which adds a hint of the country retreat to the most urban of homes.

Texture has come very much to the fore, particularly in our living rooms, creating a unique finish that teases the senses.

The starting point, of course, is sumptuous. After all, this is a new version of luxe. I chose the Craven sofa, with its plump cushions and deep-buttoned arms for a look that’s classic with a contemporary twist – its cool tones work well with the muted palette that brings this room together.

Think calico whites, oatmeal creams and bleached hues; they all help create a calm and relaxing space.

Highland Escape lounge

There’s a certain Highland feel here, too – that’s because this look takes its inspiration from Scottish hunting lodges, hence the wonderfully-distressed woodwork on the walls; who’d have thought rustic could be this luxurious too?

I’ve echoed the distressed feel of the walls in the white distressed patterned bowl, which makes a stylish statement resting on the Bowery coffee table. This piece looks as though it could genuinely have come out of a Highland hideaway with its attractively rustic styling.

A fabulous alternative would be the Whiteleaf-Trunk Coffee Table from the Little Tree furniture range. It’s made of recycled wood, upcycled into distinctive pieces – the wood often comes from old boats, buildings and fortress doors, which adds a depth of authenticity – and it’s hand-finished in whitewash.

Natural wood like this is a major theme in this look, whether it’s dark – like the floorboards here – or given a deliberately well-worn look, like the standard lamp. Other natural materials add to the array of textures layering in this room; woven baskets look great in most rooms, but particularly good here.

Nature-themed accessories provide further fun – the Sitting Hare (made of poly resin) on the hearth is a charming touch, while the Hen ornament is a sweetener for anyone dreaming of the rural life!

Sitting hare

You can just go on and on piling up the texture in a country retreat-style room – woollen throws, chunky rugs, sheepskin cushions and driftwood finds will all add to the appeal. Look for pebble colours, wooden bowls and rough-cast vases to fill with simple flowers.


Hen ornament

It’s all very relaxed and comforting, designed for snuggling, snoozing and chilling out. And who can possibly ask more from their living space?