We spend our waking hours selecting the most beautiful furnishings for our customers to invite into their homes – and it got us to thinking; what does ‘home’ actually mean to the very people we adore curating these lovely pieces for?

We took to Facebook and Twitter to ask fans and followers that very question, using the answers as inspiration to further fuel our passion for finding super-stylish items to help you style your sacred spaces.

With a £250 Barker and Stonehouse gift voucher up for grabs, we asked one simple question: “Home is __________________?”

With well over two thousand fabulous entries – some creative, some sentimental and some both, we *finally* managed to select a winner, and would like to congratulate Emma-Louise Issacs, who entered with the beautiful statement that; Home is:

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves and look forward to sending Emma her gift voucher so that she can style her canvas with more of our most delicious and decorative pieces.

Whilst Emma’s entry was selected as the winner, we wanted to share some of the lovely thoughts and ideas on the notion of ‘home’ that came from our fans and followers for you to enjoy, relate to and even comment on – after all, we’re a community with many things in common – a huge love for family, sacred spaces and gorgeous interior style.