There’s no better opportunity to show your individuality in your home than through your choice of pictures and other artworks.

This is a strongly subjective area – one person’s Matisse may well be another person’s Marmite – and so it’s important that you always choose wall art that suits your own sense of style.

Add impact by grouping artworks together; choose co-ordinating frames – in silver and chrome, for instance – to give a coherent feel and bind them together.

There’s also some wonderful wall art around that comes ready-made, yet has the feel of an original.

I’m very taken with the EDU Barba range of prints, which have a café-style vibe and focus on phrases such as ‘Bon Appetit’, ‘Yeah’ and ‘Bonjour!’ They’re funky and fun with their strong colours and graphic style.


Not all wall art has to be pictorial, of course. The Kartell Bookworm is actually a curly, twirly set of bookends that holds your favourite books in place but makes a real statement – check it out in red for a really sculptural alternative to a shelf.

Bookworm Medium 11 Bookends

Colour is an element when selecting wall art, but don’t let it drive your choices completely – if you pick a picture purely because it matches your colour scheme, you’ll soon find it blending into the background.

Instead, look at it the other way – hang a stunning artwork in situ and build your room around it, using it as the basis for a colour palette.

Black and white is always a stylish choice, too, whether you have a highly-contemporary room or something a little more vintage.

Timothy Oulton, the designer renowned for breathing life back into reclaimed materials, has turned his attention recently to art. His Artline Racecar 4 photograph of a racing Jaguar in Le Mans in 1956 is framed in solid oak and makes a classic, timeless print. I also love the timelessness of ‘Awakening Spring’ – it’s a very stylish impression of the New York skyline.


As a complete contrast, I also love the gentle hues of the Molecules range of pictures, which look fantastic displayed either separately or as a group – the pink, greys and mints are delicate yet appealing.

Once you’ve chosen your wall art, hang it with care. Make sure it’s in an appropriate space – a tiny picture will get lost on a big wall – and properly illuminated.

You can even get away with not putting your wall art on the wall at all; simply standing it somewhere safe can look stunning. Keep your art on the move, too – finding a fresh space for a precious picture can give it (and your room) a whole new lease of life.