It can be hard to strike the balance between order and chaos when decorating or accessorising a room, you can walk the line between making a room look unfriendly and cold or cluttered and uncomfortable. There are a few simple tricks you can do to make sure your home is always welcoming without being disorderly, and it all begins with symmetry.

Symmetry can alter the atmosphere of your home, and simple science can explain why.

Our eyes are able to take in separate pieces of information, but our brains simplify those pieces of information into a singular pattern in order to recognise them. As far as interiors are concerned, this means that we see rooms as a whole; a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, before we can focus on the individual design elements themselves.

So when we have a balanced design in a room our brains breathe a sigh of relief, as the amount of information it has to process is minimal, if we see a busy and cluttered room however, our brain is working overtime to try and process everything out eyes are seeing, making it unappealing.

By picking up on a repeating a pattern, we are able to process the individual elements faster. Since we are easily able to understand symmetrical spaces, we often think of them as more aesthetically pleasing.

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Symmetry comes down to balancing the way you arrange your furniture and the way you display objects in your room. This should be something that delights the eye, so separate appealing objects so that you don’t have too many objects fighting for attention.
So let’s talk about adding this symmetry idea into your own home;
Something as simple as adding matching bedside tables with matching bedside lamps can create a simple yet effective symmetrical pattern, try adding a wallpaper featuring a calm pattern to create a feature wall which will accent the symmetry without overpowering it.
Even something as simple as three evenly spaced bar stools can add symmetry to a kitchen island or bar.
Living Room
Why not try placing your sofas on either side of a coffee table or hang three pictures of the same size above your fire place? As long as your give the brain a symmetrical element to hook on to, you’ll have a better chance of creating a room with real “wow factor”.