How do you feel about the space in your life? Is it calm and tranquil, or simply cluttered?

This season’s gorgeous Urban Luxe look is the absolute solution to feeling that your life is oppressed by…well, stuff!

Inspired by luxurious warehouse-style living, it’s notable as much for what’s not there as what is there. In other words, each carefully-chosen piece of furniture or accessory is displayed in plenty of space – and there’s no room for fussy.

Cool white walls and tiled floors create an impression of endless airiness, even if your room is far from loft-sized.

And that sense is confirmed by choosing structured sofas, sleek metals and oversized accessories, with each given its own perfect place and the room to be admired. This is a look where each item can be a talking point.

The dining room pictured is a perfect example of statement pieces ideally displayed. The Hyatt table and bench from Barker and Stonehouse look amazing with their recycled wood and utterly stylish legs.


Their strength of line is emphasised by contrasting them with the light, shiny metal Hyatt Café chairs.


Go with some of the favourite textures of the season, such as distressed leather. The Carezza Harrison sofa would look marvellous here with its warm Charme hide and shapely legs.

Barker & Stonehouse, Carezza Harrison sofa, £1399

The emphasis on robust materials this season also extends to concrete and cement, and their strong feel is ideal for an Urban Luxe room. Polished concrete floors would work well in place of porcelain tiles, and a touch of construction-style glamour in the shape of the Vermont Cement Hurricane simply shouts style.


Choose large accessories for a scheme like this – and once again, grouping textures such as rough ceramic and smooth, smoked glass together creates maximum impact.

I’m a huge fan of the Black Iron Pendant Light Thread with its almost skeletal strength of line; it’s a sculptural accessory that contributes to the overall look without being overpowering.

Barker & Stonehouse, Black iron pendant light thread, £35

This look does require a little bit of maintenance, though. It’s important that you keep your Urban Luxe room clear of distracting clutter – clever storage solutions can make sure you keep the space beautifully spare.

You’ll find it’s worth the effort to keep surfaces clear and all those everyday bits and pieces put away. This look is all about creating a space where you can relax – and if you dare to bare, you can create a true chill-zone that will be an oasis of calm.

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