The fascination with expressing ourselves through the written word has not diminished, and in fact has arguably increased with the rise of social media and technology.

High street fashion has returned to the days of slogan tees and clothes that quite literally make a statement, but a stylish alternative can be found at hot new Polish label Monki.

If you don’t want to speak your mind on the front of your t-shirt, you can now do it across your chair, cushion or even your bedframe!

Spring 2013 has the typography trend written all over it, with furniture and accessories embracing the power of the written word.

One of my favourite pieces is the Clyde bedframe, from Barker and Stonehouse.

A beautifully upholstered bedframe in a script printed fabric, the beauty of the Clydeis enhanced by the intricate details, rolled back headboard and chunky wooden feet. With its luscious latte finish it’s très chic and the matching Gironde chair is an ideal accompaniment to this sophisticated bed.

The Citadelle and Antonique dining chairs are beautifully constructed from American oak with leather seats and also feature printed cushioning on the back.

But if French script is a little too flowery for your tastes, the Manhattan collection is a bolder take on the trend with wood and leather trimmed furniture emblazoned with the names of fashion capitals such as London,New York and Paris.

The Bertrand cube is a stylish vintage inspired piece reminiscent of a wine label while the Rebecca Puig elephant print simply states ‘Life is Beautiful’.

And it’s not just your furniture which is benefiting from a few stern or tender words, walls and even ceilings have been given the typography treatment too.

Try creating a feature wall in a bold colour and then using a darker version of the same shade paint lines from movies or inspirational quotes onto it for a quirky take on the look.

In a child’s room, quotes from favourite childhood novels or nursery rhymes are perfect for this and can help improve your child’s literacy from an early age.

Sites such as allow you to create your very own typography shower curtain, with a range of set and customised designs.

Be warned, creating new words from the letters you can see is slightly addictive and may result in obsessive scribbling.

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